State Wise Shipping by nopStation

State Wise Shipping by nopStation
State wise shipping plugin allows a store owner to set shipping options and rates by states for vendors.
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Oluşturuldu: Eylül 22,2021
Son güncelleme: Mayıs 28,2024

Shipping and deliveries are a core part of any online business or eCommerce. Shipments and deliveries require a vast amount of logistics and management, such as shipping rates depending on product type, size, quantity, state, country, etc. A convenient way to manage shipping and deliveries is a crucial concern for any online business.

If you want to enable robust shipping rate management and functionalities on your nopCommerce-powered online store, then nopStation is here with its State Wise Shipping plugin. This shipping and delivery plugin enables robust shipping rate functionality and management on your online store. It allows for features such as setting charges for all shipping methods, enabling free shipping for specific orders, setting transit days, etc. This plugin can also allow shipping-based discounts, such as setting discounts by the vendor and enabling free shipping as discounts. This can help your business manage shipments and shipping logistics more efficiently, helping you make your business operations optimal.

  • General settings for vendors to set shipping charges for all shipping methods
  • Shipping charges for all shipping methods by state for each vendors
  • Can be enabled/disabled the plugin from admin section
  • Enable free shipping for a fixed amount or higher order total
  • Free shipping charges can be enabled with discounts
  • Transit days can be set for shipping
  • Hide shipping methods by vendor
  • Set shipping charges and discounts by vendor
  • Hide shipping methods, shipping charges and discounts by country for each vendor
  • Hide shipping methods, shipping charges and discounts by state province for each vendor
  • Multi-store supported

Enhance your online business with nopStation's State Wise Shipping plugin. Please have a look at nopStation's class-leading delivery management plugin & mobile App bundle nopDMS for your business needs as well.