Bulk Edit of Categories

6 年 前
I installed NopCommerce 3.60 with a sample database.

I did a bulk edit of Products and deleted all Products in the database.

I wanted to delete the categories as well. I Went to the /Admin/Category/List page.
Beside the Edit link I would like to have a delete link that category without having to edit it.

During the Creation of the sample database the category images weren't installed and because of that the category could not be edited. I had to manually find and install those images so that the category could be deleted.
6 年 前
currently there is not any way to delete the category without go to edit.

if you want to delete it you can do it on database level directly.
4 个月 前
We have almost 65 stores and more than 200 categories, when I extract the category data I cannot find a tap for "Limited by store" to update all categories in bulk like the products.... any help?
4 个月 前
"Limited by store" is not available in the Export / Import.  You can use SQL for UPDATE.
4 个月 前
This plugin will allow you to bulk import categories - delete them and also update LimitedByStore
See https://www.selectsystems.com.au/import-export-manager