Facebook & Instagram Shopping

4 个月 前
Hi everyone!
I have been searching for a plugin that integrates all (or by selection) the products we have in NopCommerce. We want something like Wix does with its integrations to Facebook and Instagram. Essentially, if I update the price, description or image, the products in the social media updates accordingly to the records from the Nop system and it actually adds the products natively, as if were from the Facebook shop, but completes the order in the Nop page.
I have seen two plugins available in the marketplace wich were the one Nop team developed, but is for 4.1 (we have all our stores in 4.2 ver.), I don't have the knowledge to make an upgrade for this and apparently, it's not what I want.
The other plugin kind of similar to this is Facebook Shop, by Nop-Templates team. This kinda works as you actually can make sort of a mini shop in Facebook and have the same template of the products. The thing is, since it requires to create it as a Facebook App, we need the approval for it and it only works for Facebook. Plus, some of our clients just want to add the catalog with less hassle as posible.

Does anyone have a plugin or made an integration with this sort of thing?

Thanks in advance guys and stay safe during this times,
4 个月 前