ANCM Failed to Load dll - Deploy to Azure

1 个月 前

I get the error: "ANCM Failed to Load dll" when i have deployed NopCommerce to Azure, using nothing but the built in NopCommerce package from MarketPlace.

Complete error is this:
HTTP Error 500.32 - ANCM Failed to Load dll
Common solutions to this issue:
The application was likely published for a different bitness than w3wp.exe/iisexpress.exe is running as.
Specific error detected by ANCM:
Could not load hostfxr.dll.
Troubleshooting steps:
Check the system event log for error messages
Enable logging the application process' stdout messages
Attach a debugger to the application process and inspect
For more information visit:

Any one know what to do?
1 个月 前
See if this helps