Docker support on kubernetes

2 个月 前
I want to deploy on kubernetes/ ingress (linux) with a azure database. I setup my local instance and on localhost it runs with F5 from development without any issues. However, if I run the docker images I get error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

I have next ideas:
- ports on docker are not open.
- file with db settings?

Any ideas or experience?
2 个月 前
I have it almost running with helm chart. I want to run only 1 replica so that it is like a single linux vm. As database I want to use azure sql. The installation page shows up although I put everything in my own container in which I did the setup.

I have idea that the nopcommerce instance cannot reach the azure database. I set up a vnet, but no success so far.

More experiences or do you stay with the azure app services and own ms sql db?
2 个月 前
Working with raw connection string. It seems it is now trying to migrate the database again, although I filled that from my PC with local host and also pointing to sql azure db.
2 个月 前
I think it is not possible as the datasettings.json file is saved in the pod instead in azure keyvault or something outside the pods (or persistent storage of kubernetes).