New to Nop: How do i add a discount combined with an affiliate/reseller ?

1 个月 前
I'm looking at Nop as a possible solution, but have some trouble getting things working as expected.
I created an affiliate with default id. I also made a discount rule of 20%. I dont see how i can combine these 2?

I tried making CustomerRole 'Affiliate', and link it to the discount, but still stuck combining those.
I can see affiliate-customers being registered, so that part is working..

What am i missing?

1 个月 前
The system will not automatically put affiliate customers into your CustomerRole 'Affiliate'.  An admin would have to add them manually, or create a plugin that automatically assigns the role to those customers. Or, create a 'discount requirement rule' plugin that can look at the customer's affiliate.
1 个月 前
Ok, thank you for the answer.

But how exactly can i creat this rule? I tried adding rules, but it only gave me 2 options.  'Has to be added to clientrule' and 'Add required group' ?
1 个月 前
The rule does not exist.  You (or a developer) have to " create a 'discount requirement rule' plugin"