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1 个月 前
Buenos días,

tengo en local nocommerce 4.30 con el código y cambios. Quiero publicarlo en un servidor compartido. Y no sé cómo hacerlo. He subido la base de datos, pero el código no sé cómo enlazarlo en el servidor, ni qué opción escoger a la hora de publicar. El datasettings.json no me aparece...
¿Alguien puede indicarme los pasos?
Muchas gracias
1 个月 前
You can publish from Visual Studio using FTP.  
Make sure your host server has .NET Core runtime.  Check the other requirements too:

datasettings.json may not get published.  Copy/create it manually, but you will need to adjust the connection string to point to your hosted DB.

LibSeg wrote:
I have in local nocommerce 4.30 with the code and changes. I want to publish it on a shared server. And I don't know how to do it. I have uploaded the database, but the code I don't know how to link it on the server, nor what option to choose when publishing. The datasettings.json does not appear to me ...
Can someone show me the steps?
Thanks a lot