Reference a New Website : GoogleBot and Bing are blocked

4 周 前

I have a new domain : :
- made with Nop 3.90
- Hosted on a new VPS server

After testing all features,
i want to record for seo into GSC After posting the sitemaps (made personnaly in 3 files)

but, to my amazement, All my pages are refused, and i cant identify the pbs.

- the robot.txt is OK
- there is no meta No-Index or no-follow
- the pb is the same problem with friendly or standard page name.

IS something able to block a crawler like a script as browscap or others ?
is it possible to do a site audit for SEO ?

Thanks to someone who could put me on the way.
Regards, Michel
4 周 前

Sorry , it was my mistake : I have record wrong IP Ranges inside the IPFILTER Plugin.
then those bots was unfortunately blocked and has return a response as Blacklisted ip !