Isolate Admin Panel with database.

4 个月 前
Does anyone isolate the nopCommerce admin panel with the database to a different server? I mean not the same database for the public sites and admin sites.

The public site will have its own database and the admin site will have its own database. But whenever any content edited, updated, deleted, or created. It will reflect the public site.

Know factor:
1. Source code needs to customize a little.
2. Sound like a microservice.
3. Message broker like RabbitMQ.

If anyone have take this steps, Your valueable comment will help the community a lot.
4 个月 前
Why would you want to do this?
3 个月 前
New York wrote:
Why would you want to do this?

Because I want to thin down the public site. There will be very specific features. And also scalability only the public site with the minimum cost of the server.