Bootstrap Core Theme - Responsive Starter Theme

Bootstrap Core Theme - Responsive Starter Theme
4.1 19
Get Started Quickly with this best and free nopCommerce Starter Theme built using Bootstrap. This helps you to build beautiful nopCommerce website theme template for free.
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支持的版本: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60, 4.70
创建于 四月 25,2015
最后更新: 五月 15,2024
Author nopAccelerate Themes team
Suitable for All Kinds of Store
Theme Include
Theme is Suitable for all kinds of store which included all the CSS, JS, CSHTML files with full source code  
Using Bootstrap UI frameworks  
Font Awesome icon and images  
Tested with all the major browsers  
Theme is integrated with all needful responsive layout  
Containing clean HTML and CSS for easy customization  
Supports multi languages  
Life time free supports  
Life time free upgrade  
Easy to install and manage from admin panel  
Details / support documentation  
Demo Store Available  
needi74 2021/2/18 下午7:25
No Documentation provided
Looks nice and clean. But there is no documentation comes with it. Would be great to have documentation included. Thanks
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bulentatug 2020/12/7 上午10:35
Easy setup. Nice design.
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Thank you for your kind rating
layinka 2020/7/31 上午6:02
Good theme
Good theme but still uses Bootstrap 3, no support for Bootstrap 4
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Thank you for your review. Yes, this theme is on Bootstrap 3. And we do not plan to upgrade to Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap is not like that where we can increment version easily. However, we have few themes which are on Bootstrap 4.
hassanayoub85 2020/6/30 上午6:08
Awsome theme but not multi lingual
Awsome theme, work straight forward, but when tried it on my nopcommerce 4.3 with arabic interface multi lingual store, the arabic interface get corrupted.
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Thank you for your kind review. Kindly note that the theme does not support RTL layout. However, please get in touch with our support team at with details, we will be happy to help.
maplewang 2020/6/13 下午9:09
Is there any plan upgrading to 4.3?
We are looking forward to try it in latest nee version 4.3
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Yes. We'll be releasing it shortly. Thank you for interest in the same.
charleslbryant 2020/2/18 下午4:02
Can't Even Download It
Get error

"Please configure correct site URL.
URL must be in format."
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wizardtechie 2017/3/7 上午2:04
Useful theme
This is a useful starter theme, I'm not so keen on the header section, but this is easily modified to suit our needs - the most important element for us, is that it implements the Bootstrap grid elements throughout the template - many tens of hours saved compared with bootstrapping the default theme. Thank you very much!
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JJovick 2016/12/13 上午11:44
Pretty good theme.
As far as I am able to see, this theme does appear to be a solid piece of programming in both look-n-feel and functionality.  Would like to see some flexibility in where the UI elements are rendered but apart from that it is a solid piece of work.
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[email protected] 2016/10/24 上午5:37
Subcategories, Mobile problems, Localized Resources
The theme itself is easy to use and interesting, but I noticed 3 areas with problems:
1) Nested categories: only the first sub category is rendered well, while all others are at the same level as products
2) Mobile: when I scroll down (I have an Android 6 device) the page keeps returning at the top, making the navigation almost impossible
3) Some texts are not localized (for instance; "Product Description" in product detail page)
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Kike 2016/9/8 上午12:29
duda categorias
Buenos días, la plantilla me encanta es perfecta y elegante, pero tengo una duda, creando varios niveles de subcategorías estas se sobreponen sobre las categorías principales, como puedo modificar para dejar bien la web'
un saludo
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abhishekbhalani 2016/8/31 上午6:28
Is this compatible with Nop 3.8 version

will it work & compatible with 3.8 latest version of Nopcommerce?

please advice on this.

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ernandoal 2016/7/22 下午6:05
Very nice theme
This theme is very nice! Good job!
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ernandoal 2016/3/6 下午4:59
How to download it!
To download the theme you have to access your account and go to categories of account and click donwload link, otherwise you don't have any link in order. The store has download session activated, so you have to go there to download all product acquired!
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[email protected] 2016/3/2 上午7:19
The best template and the best support
I looked a good template for days !
Finally I found this Incredible template, clean, modern and the support help me with something in minutes.

Brillant support

the site is:

Good work !!!
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hienln 2016/2/24 上午1:27
no download link
i've just finished order but i could not found any download link

my order info :
Order Number: 4823
Order Details:
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[email protected] 2016/2/16 下午9:31
I can't find link download
I have checkout but can't find link download theme
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everton.cyber 2015/12/14 上午5:15
Nice Template
The template is clean, with just a few customization and is easy to use.
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darkducke 2015/6/1 下午8:30
Top bar
It is to remove the horizontal bar on top to change the layout?

thanks for theme!
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ygwang3 2015/4/27 下午8:27
got the download link
Sorry about my last review. I really could find nowhere the download is. Thanks for explaining the download instruction to me through the message. I am testing the the new theme now.
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