Coinbase Payment Plugin

Coinbase Payment Plugin
This plugin enables Bitcoin (crypto-currentcy) payments using Coinbase APIs.
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支持的版本: 4.40, 4.50
创建于 十一月 25,2021
最后更新: 十一月 14,2022

First ever Coinbase payment plugin for NopCommerce!

This payment plugin enables Bitcoin payments on your website using Coinbase APIs. Coinbase is the largest and most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform.

This plugin does not redirect or open a Coinbase pop-up unlike other plugins. Your customers stay on your website.

The plugin generates a unique Bitcoin public address with every transaction on your e-commerce site for security. It allows your customers to either scan the QR code to make the payment or copy and paste the public address. Customers can use their favorite wallet to make the payment. Once payment is made, the plugin validates the transaction on the blockchain before allowing the customer to proceed with the purchase.

You will need a Coinbase API key and secret to use this plugin. Register your Coinbase account and create a new API key here -

New Coinbase API key

At a minimum, your Coinbase API permission should be set to the following: 

Your subscription key will be emailed to you after completing checkout.

A live demo of this plugin is available here -