Facebook Pixel (by nopCommerce team)

Facebook Pixel (by nopCommerce team)
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This plugin allows you to add a Facebook Pixel tag to your online store.
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支持的版本: 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60, 4.70
创建于 六月 15,2020
最后更新: 五月 03,2024

The Facebook pixel plugin for nopCommerce pasts a snippet of JavaScript code that allows you to track visitor activity on your website. It works by loading a small library of functions which are used whenever a customer takes an action.

Facebook pixel allows you to receive information about the actions taken on your store to make your Facebook ads more relevant to your audience. Facebook pixel can help you understand the behaviour of people who visit your store and which advertising strategy works best to reach your business goals.

Tracked conversions appear in the Facebook Ads Manager and in the Facebook Analytics dashboard, where they can be used to measure the effectiveness of your ads, to define custom audiences for ad targeting, for dynamic ads campaigns, and to analyze the effectiveness of your website's conversion funnels.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the plugin archive.
  2. Go to admin area > Configuration > Local plugins.
  3. Upload the plugin archive using the "Upload plugin or theme" plugin.
  4. Scroll down through the list of plugins to find the newly installed plugin. And click on the "Install" button to install the plugin.

Please find more information about how to install plugins here.

Source code:

The plugin is provided absolutely for free and includes source code.

rbrons 2022/1/3 上午9:38
available for version 4.2?
Is this plugin available for version 4.2? or is this compatible with version 4.2?

Thanks for your reply.
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sajjadali 2021/2/17 上午7:22
3.90 Version
Need 3.90 Version
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fadigio79 2021/1/25 上午8:23
4.2 version or source code?
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[email protected] 2020/9/24 下午1:21
Does this work for 4.2?
Does this work for 4.2/if not is there a 4.2 version available?
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[email protected] 2020/7/25 上午5:03
4.2 Version ?
Dear Team ,

Will this plugin work with 4.2 version Nopcommerce?
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