Immotum rentals - Advanced Product Rentals

Immotum rentals - Advanced Product Rentals
An extension for small shops to manage product rentals, such as vehicles, bikes or products with some versatility.
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支持的版本: 4.60
创建于 五月 16,2024
最后更新: 五月 18,2024

nopCommerce Rental Extension: Comprehensive Product Rental Management

Enhance your nopCommerce store with our powerful Rental Extension designed for nopCommerce 4.6. This extension introduces robust rental functionality, allowing you to manage product rentals seamlessly and efficiently. Key features include:

Key Features

1. Store Open Hours Management

  • Define specific store open hours, restricting when items can be picked up or delivered to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

2. Rental Timezone Configuration

  • Set the rental timezone to adjust rental periods according to the desired timezone, ensuring accurate time tracking and scheduling.

3. Cart Reservation Time

  • Specify a cart reservation time during which the reserved rental period is held in the cart. If the reservation time expires, the item becomes available for reservation again.

4. Custom Periods of Availability

  • Define special timeframes where the store will be closed, allowing for custom periods of availability to accommodate holidays or special events.

5. Immotum Rentals

  • Mark products as immotum rentals (immovable or non-transferable rentals) as long as stock management is enabled, providing flexibility in managing rental products.

Product-Specific Rental Properties

  • Minimum and Maximum Rental Interval: Set the minimum and maximum duration for which a product can be rented.
  • Timeframe for Pricing Calculations: Choose the pricing calculation timeframe (minutely, hourly, or daily) for precise rental pricing.
  • Post-Rent Unavailability Time: Define a period of unavailability for the product after it has been returned, allowing for inspection or maintenance.
  • Rental Availability Management: Temporarily make products unavailable for rental despite meeting other criteria.
  • Availability Periods: Define periods during which products can be rented, ensuring rentals only occur within these periods and do not overlap. These periods also support price modifiers (fixed or percentage) to adjust rental costs dynamically. A rental cannot extend from one availability period to the next.
  • Stock Management: Accurately manage stock levels, ensuring that if multiple units of a product are available, they can be rented by different customers accordingly.

Advanced Rental Period Control

It is the cohesive interaction between existing rentals, the availability periods for a given product, the store open and closing hours, the custom closed periods and the product specific post rental unavailability, max rental time, and minimum rental times that define the periods a user can select, all visible intuitively in the frontend selection calendar, to 5 minute granularity.

Enhanced Discount and Pricing Mechanism

  • Discounts and Bulk Pricing: Discounts and bulk pricing for immotum rentals are refactored to apply per time unit (hour, minute, or day), offering more flexible and attractive pricing options.

Frontend and Backend Management

  • Frontend Rental Selection: User-friendly rental selection interface that automatically enables and disables dates based on set criteria, simplifying the rental process for customers.
  • Frontend Active Rentals Management: Allow customers to manage their active rentals easily.
  • Backend Reservations Management: Comprehensive backend sections to manage reservations, including the ability to change reservation status.
  • Email Notifications: Automated email notifications to customers upon reservation status changes, keeping them informed and engaged.

Seamless Payment Flow

  • Cart Expiration Time: Display the item expiration time in the cart, ensuring customers are aware of their reservation time limits.
  • Uninterrupted Payment Process: The payment flow remains unchanged, ensuring a smooth and familiar checkout experience for your customers.

Upgrade your nopCommerce store with our Rental Extension to streamline product rentals, enhance customer satisfaction, and maximize your rental revenue.