Nop Pavilion Theme + 13 Plugins (

Nop Pavilion Theme + 13 Plugins (
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Pavilion features navigation mega menu, bigger search, and powerful filtering capabilities that make it ideal for handling big catalogs. The list of features is completed by 13 plugins and great design that turn this theme into a megastore king.
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支持的版本: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
创建于 四月 08,2016
最后更新: 一月 08,2024

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Nop Pavilion Theme Responsive


which works smoothly on any device.
Nop Pavilion Theme Responsive


The theme comes with 13 plugins to offer a complete ecommerce solution packed with all the necessary functionality: Nop Ajax Filters, Nop Anywhere Sliders, Nop JCarousel, Nop Mega Menu, Nop Quick View, Nop Quick Tabs, Nop Ajax Cart, Nop Instant Search, Nop Cloud Zoom, Nop Product Ribbons, Nop Smart Product Collections, Nop Rich Blog, Nop Previous/Next.
Nop Pavilion Responsive Theme

SEO optimized

The theme follows all the best practices for SEO-friendly markup and urls. It also includes advanced meta data management and generation based on the ecommerce catalog.
Nop Pavilion Responsive Theme Seo

Part of Nop Ultimate Theme Collection

The Nop Ultimate Theme Collection now includes a total of 26 premium nopCommerce themes. Each theme in the collection comes with 10 plugins and multiple domains license.
Nop Pavilion Responsive Theme Ultimate Theme Collection


  • Supported versions 3.60 - 4.60
  • Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
  • RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
  • Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
  • Open to modification public view (.cshtml) files
  • Fully localizable and can be used in any language
  • Tested with all major browsers
  • 1 year of free support and upgrades since purchase date
  • Demo data base available
  • Blog, forum and news pages styled
ngvicu 2021/1/11 下午12:18
Excellent and valuable theme
The theme and the plugins has all elements to put our site into production.
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kobej57894-DELETED 2020/8/29 上午3:49
Kim Kittens Cattery
This is one of the best theme out there for nopcommerce. Worth every penny. Theme is so generalized that it could be used literally for any kind of store. Cats and Kittens For Sale

Kim Kittens Cattery” is a family business that specializes in luxury, purebred cats, and kittens for sale.
We have proudly provided U.S homes with furry bundles of love since June 2010. As you browse through our website,
you will be able to find and even reserve purebreds such as Sphynx Cat Breed, Munchkin Cat Breed, Bengal Cat Breed.
Your furry friend is unique from day one, as our breeders carefully pick perfectly matching cats for mating. By mating
the best cats, the litter is exclusive...

Business Name;Kim Kittens Cattery

Address ;699 Red Barn Dr, Belgrade, MT USA

Contact;+1 (406) 298-3384

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mr.mourya 2020/8/14 上午8:12
The best theme out there in the market
This is one of the best theme out there for nopcommerce. Worth every penny. Theme is so generalized that it could be used literally for any kind of store. Plugins make all the difference in the world. Nop-Templates team support is superb! My store is running on this theme from many years.
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TSFN 2020/8/12 上午6:36
Nop-Templates' support is second to none!
We've dealt with Nop-Templates for over 3 years and during this time their support has always been fast, detailed, friendly and helpful regardless of the theme being used. Great Work, Great Themes and Great Support! What a package! Big Thanks Nop-Templates
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gkennedy1 2020/7/13 上午4:29
Well structured and easy to customise
Every time we have used this theme for our clients they are always very happy with the outcome
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height 2020/5/20 下午1:29
Awesome Product
  This is an awesome Product. Perfect!!!
when will version 4.3 be available.
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Thank you! We are glad you like the theme!
We will release all our products for nopCommerce 4.30 in a couple of days.
[email protected] 2020/5/12 下午1:57
Top-notch product
Great product very happy with the theme
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q5media 2020/5/12 下午12:02
Nice clean theme
I always enjoy working with Nop Templates. This theme has a nice clean interface, and brings your categories to the forefront. I also like the ample logo size.
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Ayesha.aziz 2020/3/8 下午11:21
This theme is excellent.
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dootchie 2020/2/25 上午6:15
Awesome Theme and Value!
This theme is exactly what I was looking for! Not only is it super responsive it also includes Plugins! The whole package is an exceptional value and the NopTemplate Team is an exceptional Team! They are definitely my go to NopCommerce group!
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HakonMM 2020/2/13 上午5:18
Nop Templates is the market leader in nopCommerce themes!
I have used many themes from Nop Templates, and they are the best theme author out there. Not only all the different designs, but all the plugins that come with the themes makes your online store even more professional and customizable!
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bucketzero1 2020/2/10 上午5:45
Install was a breeze
Installation only took a couple minutes and the other plugins includes with the theme are a must have,
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kerimakarsu 2019/12/18 上午2:22
Thanks for help
I met with the support teams. They were very helpful. Now I'm doing things better and better. Especially Todor Atanasov helped me a lot. I'm very grateful to him.
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dootchie 2019/12/12 上午9:57
Love It
I've tried many times to "theme" my store and I was not successful. So I went searching! That's when I found nop-templates! They literally offered everything I wanted to offer in my "theme" for my company. I purchased Nop Pavilion Theme and I absolutely love it! What value, you get 13 plugins and a theme for a VERY reasonable price!!! My customers are really raving about the ease and flow of my website now! I absolutely love it!
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vanthien 2019/12/6 下午10:59
From Timchallies
Your product is perfect. There were several arising small mistakes when upgrading to 4.2 Version but your team fixed quite well. I highly appreciate your enthusiastic support team.
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ECOMMAPEX 2019/12/5 上午9:38
Easy to work with
Pavilion is able to adapt to whatever your needs are and if you think you need something tweaked, NOP-templates can assist no problem!
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mugenmrx3 2019/10/2 下午8:56
Awesome Theme. Awesome Customer Support
Theme is very well laid out and easy to use and customize.

Support is top notch.  Support has gone above and beyond to resolve an issue we had with one of the plugins included with the theme.

A product is only as good as the customer support when issues arises and nop-templates is our first goto product for themes and plugins.

We highly recommend their products!
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hakan1319 2019/9/19 上午9:01
I've been using the theme for 2 months.
I am very pleased.
The theme sounds nice to the eye.
it seems to be the product of a long-term study.
Thank you.
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ventsypopov 2019/8/30 上午3:35
Great Theme!
We are using this theme for a few customers already and are very satisfied with design, flexibility and pre-included additional plug-ins.
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rnowee 2019/8/14 上午2:14
Excelent Product, excelent service
Theme works like a charm!
Easy to setup.
In case of any questions the helpdesk responds prompt and accurately!

Very satisfied with product and organisation I recommend it to everybody!
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mehdin69 2019/6/2 上午2:21
amp Template
Please Add AMP Version TO Pavilion Template
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ty0699 2019/5/20 下午6:41
above and beyond
I bought ultimate theme and plugin collections. not only Nop-Temeplates team solved all my tickets within timely manner. In some cases, they went a step further helping me on some issues which are not typically in the scope of free support.
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karlbasson 2019/4/24 上午11:24
Easy to work with
This theme assisted us to setup our great looking store is a very short time.
The support provided by the developer is great!
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toanhnt 2019/4/11 上午11:42
beautiful theme, great service
This theme is one of the best themes on here. Comes with many features, modern design. I needed to change some layouts, order Nop-templates theme tweaks service. Quick response and professional. I highly recommend their service
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gpoli 2019/3/15 上午7:58
Great Theme
Great theme, fast reply and support from the customer service.
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Vanja Vlaco 2019/2/12 上午4:23
Excellent theme!
We loved the design of this theme and working with it was easy due to very good documentation and code organisation. NopTemplates team was very helpful and quick with their replies. Great support. Made our development much easier. Congrats!
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ramongc 2018/5/16 下午3:59
Facebook messenger
Help!!! Can Facebook messenger be integrated on this template?
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Jackluv 2018/5/14 上午11:20
I love this Pavilion theme!
With my having a online shopping Mall, this theme fits the picture of what I have been looking for perfectly. It has all the bells and whistles to make it your own in my usual WYSIWYG way of doing things.
Nop-Templates support crew is very knowledgeable and even made some css changes for me upon my request and they showed me how to do some things on my own.
It only took me a couple of days to figure things out and make my site very nice. I love it!
The scheduling of product sliders and banners is cool too, so you can set up things so customers dont see the same thing every time they login.
Thanks NOP-Templates Team!

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tarekmahran 2017/11/13 上午2:52
Awsome Support
Fast reply and support with the required solution.

Really I am happy to be one of your clients.
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msfatima 2017/9/11 上午2:07
The team of nop-templates are very kind.
I'm really happy with the experience with them.
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[email protected] 2017/7/27 上午8:08
Has received great feedback from end users
We went live we this theme and all the feedback we received  we excellent (most users were on the mobile). As admin I am very impressed with the error and bug free product works as designed and very well documented. Keep it up team!
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JulioNog 2017/5/24 下午8:50
Great theme!
Best theme, easy to apply and customize. Leaves development faster.
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Sooriya1010 2017/5/16 下午4:26
Big Catalogues
I was after a big catalog theme and this was made for it!. Great design/work team.
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[email protected] 2017/4/2 下午1:53
Using Pavilion Theme with Arabic Language
I used pavilion theme in our store in Arabic language, It's worked excellent.
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primeway 2017/3/24 下午2:09
Congratulations on the excellent work.
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azad_032 2016/9/6 下午12:07
Theme what I was looking for
It is very organized and clean theme. Lot's of plugin which reduce my task excellent way.
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Greg Smyth 2016/9/6 上午6:37
Outstanding theme and plugins
nopTemplates is by far the best theme and plugin creator for a complete nopCommerce store. We liked the Pavilion theme so much we are now going to use   nopTemplates themes for all our future nopCommerce development. Support is fantastic as well. They answered all our questions in a timely fashion. If you want a complete nopCommerce solution or want to save hundreds of hours of development time and get great support we highly recommend nopTemplates.
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denica_qn 2016/8/19 上午7:18
Great Theme
Wonderful multi store theme, clean design with various options, useful plugins, well documented.
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memetolsen 2016/8/17 上午2:02
The theme is just perfect and the extra plugins are really handy. I had no problems using this theme or any of the plugins.
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Bagarozzo 2016/7/1 上午7:18
The perfect template for multi store website !

Fast, complete and clean and as always the best support team ... and after 10 years of e-commerce and over 300 tested plugins ... we are sure !
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deselt 2016/4/14 上午8:16
Excellent job
We using nop commerce from version 3.1 and this is the best theme what we see so far. It have lots of enhancements what you don't find anywhere else.
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