Nop Prisma Theme + 12 Plugins (

Nop Prisma Theme + 12 Plugins (
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Prisma is ideal for any size catalog. Its clean design and layout options will give your products just the right amount of attention. It is an excellent choice for any shop looking for an edge – one that won’t sacrifice style for performance.
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支持的版本: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60, 4.70
创建于 十一月 16,2017
最后更新: 五月 10,2024
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The theme comes in 4 styles

To match any product catalog.


Which works smoothly on any device.

choose your own color

Or select one of the eight pre-defined color presets.
Seven Spikes plugins


Choose the font that is most suitable for your website design.
Seven Spikes plugins

SEO optimized

The theme follows all the best practices for SEO-friendly markup and urls. It also includes advanced metadata management and generation based on the ecommerce catalog.
Seven Spikes SEO

Part of Nop Ultimate Theme Collection

The Nop Ultimate Theme Collection now includes a total of 26 premium nopCommerce themes. Each theme in the collection comes with 10 plugins and multiple domains license.
Seven Spikes Ultimate Collection


  • Supported versions 3.90 - 4.70
  • Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
  • RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
  • Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
  • Open to modification public view (.cshtml) files
  • Fully localizable and can be used in any language
  • Tested with all major browsers
  • 1 year of free support and upgrades since purchase date
  • Demo database available
  • Blog, forum and news pages styled
m.simmons 2022/5/27 下午5:38
Best nopCommerce Development Team
Nop Templates are without doubt the best team for offering excellent templates and plugins for the nopCommerce solution. Excellent. Well done and keep it up.
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exantas 2021/4/21 上午7:35
Excellent Theme!!
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xhoanggiang 2020/11/11 下午8:16
Nop Prisma Theme is great!
It was just what we need. Thank!
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comstardesigner 2020/9/15 上午8:49
Nop-Templates Plugins & Prisma Theme - Happy, happy, happy
We've used nopTemplates plugins on our client's sites for years, but first time using one of the themes for nop.  Very satisfied with documentation, functions and support.  Looking forward to our next nopCommerce project and the opportunity to use another theme.
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comstardesigner 2020/9/15 上午8:49
Nop-Templates Plugins & Prisma Theme - Happy, happy, happy
We've used nopTemplates plugins on our client's sites for years, but first time using one of the themes for nop.  Very satisfied with documentation, functions and support.  Looking forward to our next nopCommerce project and the opportunity to use another theme.
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gkennedy1 2020/9/2 下午11:31
Great theme
We have used this theme multiple times on our clients sites and every time it works great and the clients love it.

Keep up the great work!
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[email protected] 2020/7/16 上午3:25
Prisma Theme
the Prisma theme and the Nop Templates Customer service is fantastic!!
I recommend their services to build high-level e-commerce
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net-prime 2020/7/14 上午5:52
Prisma is a great theme!
Through Prisma and its plugins we created a site with a thousands of products. The theme is versatile and plugins lets you cover a lot of possibilities.
Great work!
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dursunkarabatak 2020/6/11 上午3:57
Many thanks for an excellent design and easy use.
I created a great site with the theme and 12 add-ons you provided ... many thanks
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anupkum 2020/5/21 上午7:10
Versatile Theme which suits B2B site
There are hardly few skins which are malleable to accommodate the requirements of a B2B customer. Prisma is prime of them, in terms of features Prisma (any of the themes from Nop-Templates) are the best available out of box.

What we liked in the theme are:
1. It is a clean design with facility to explain core value propositions of the company just after the top banner (Nivo slider in master wrapper).  There is no clutter.
2. In home page, we can feature important products first and then followed by smart product selection
3. The Top portion of the theme is well layouted - the logo, search, main menu, shopping cart, account details all fit in snugly and doesn't waste space.
4. The product description page is structured to display the product information in one straight flow, which is important to the B2B customer (see: )

Suggestion for improvement:
1. If the side navigation was provided as an option to this theme (similar to Pavilion theme, Pavilion has great side navigation with anywhere slider plug in), it would have been a great value addition to this skin; as this skin could be used by sites which has large menu collection which is difficult to accommodate on the existing horizontal menu.

Prisma was liked by our customer
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Thank you! Your feedback is important to us!
the oob 2020/5/7 下午4:11
Great support
I bought the wrong theme but received good support in swapping to this one, thanks nop-templates :)
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JANICENPS 2020/2/24 上午2:18
Great Theme, Good Support!
I came across this theme when searching for a theme that can fulfill all my needs for my web store. I am not a programmer or web developer, but nopCommerce support team never fail to give me guidance and response promptly whenever I need them. Keep up the fantastic job!
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tasnimfouad 2020/1/28 上午11:13
Great Template with Great support ,Thank u!
Responsive Good Theme we like it
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fatih 2020/1/13 上午4:12
Great theme
This is great theme with a lot of features. It's also easy to customize and SEO friendly.
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xtsiliv 2019/12/2 上午11:55
Great theme!
Really very nice design! easy to customize it! i love it!
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OTH 2019/8/17 下午3:37
Great theme and awesome support
I find this theme as well as all themes from nop-templates to be great and their support is always top notch!
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esmhos 2019/8/7 下午5:25
Super Star
This Theme is fabulous. Within a few minutes I designed my store completely
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toanhnt 2019/6/28 下午6:12
Beautiful theme and great support
Love this theme, very nice design. I had some issues with the plugin which I didn't set correctly and Nop-Templates provided great support. Many thanks
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koray 2019/6/17 上午6:26
Excellent Theme
One of my favorite themes.  Nop-templates is the best company for nopcommerce products.  While they have some small issues here and there, the company is willing to help you resolve them.
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moditha 2019/3/16 上午3:04
Excellent theme
All of their themes are good. However Prisma is what I settled with. I think it has all the required plugins for you to get going with a decent eCommerce application. Most of all, I am very happy about their support. I recommend their products.
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AxelAndersen 2019/3/14 上午3:56
Professional team
We have bought the Prisma theme and plugin from Nop-Templates and we love it. Both the design, layout and the functionality.

But the best, is the competent support from professionals in all leves.

I can highly recommend Nop-Templates
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nopfish 2018/9/13 下午1:36
Prisma Love
We love NOPCommerce and Nop-Templates Prisma theme is great! Our CSS build team is very impressed with the ease of implementation and configuration. They are able to quickly modify Prisma Theme instances per our Client’s designs using the provided settings and minimal custom css. And it ships with excellent feature plugins like the Smart Product Collections which display beautifully out of the box. The Prisma theme transforms NOPCommerce from a plain-jane cart into a full featured responsive site that’s nothing less than gorgeous!
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a.m. 2017/11/23 下午11:38
Very good job!
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