Openpay Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Payments Module

Openpay Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Payments Module
Give customers smarter way to pay with Openpay’s Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment solution. Enables customers to split purchases into equal monthly instalments over 2-6 months, with no interest, increasing conversion, basket size & customer loyalty.
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Openpay is a leading BNPL provider trusted by thousands of brands across the globe. With Openpay, consumers can split the cost of their purchase into manageable monthly payments, with no interest and no hidden fees.

Openpay offers longer, more flexible plan lengths than other providers, enabling consumers to pay for higher value purchases more easily, and is one of the highest rated BNPL providers on Trustpilot

Merchant Benefits – no payment risks. Plenty of rewards.

  • Increase conversion – customers are more likely to convert when purchases feel more affordable.
  • Increase ATV – Take the feat out of big buys by letting customers spread the cost.
  • Reduce customer returns – Customers make their first payment upfront, reducing post-purchase regret.
  • Better brand loyalty – Flexible payment options give customers something to come back for.
  • Get paid in full upfront – You’ll get paid right away (minus any fees) while customers spread the cost.
  • Fee refund on returns – If a customer returns something, we’ll refund almost all merchant fees.

Paying smarter, not just later

  • Flexible monthly payment plans that fit in with consumers’ pay cycles
  • Payment options from 2-6 months (longer terms may be available on request)
  • Simple consumer app for easy plan management
  • Responsible lending – we look after your customers and always run an initial credit check
  • We charge consumers No interest. Ever.

Openpay can help consumers manage costs in all areas of their life from Retail and Home Improvement to Healthcare, Veterinary and more, all from an easy-to-use app.

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The Openpay extension adds Openpay as an alternative payment method at checkout. We’ve designed it to support a seamless shopping experience and the tools needed to manage everything:

Salient Features

  • Easy to configure and integrate
  • Supports sandbox mode
  • Set qualifying purchase limits for using Openpay
  • Simple Plan Set-up
    • Offer Openpay as an alternative payment method on qualifying carts at checkout. When the customer chooses to pay with Openpay, they are redirected to the Openpay checkout portal to sign-up, set up their plan and pay their first instalment. With successful plan creation, the customer is redirected back to a ‘successful order confirmation page’ on your web storefront.
  • Order Refund
    • Manage full or partial customer refunds easily.
  • Dynamic Purchase Limit Displays
    • Inform your customers of the qualifying purchase limits for Openpay with ease. The min-max values that you predetermine are automatically updated via a daily scheduled task. They can also be updated manually if required.

Account & Pricing

To use the Openpay extension, you will first need to have signed up and been approved for a Merchant Account with Openpay. If you already have an Openpay Merchant Account, then please contact your account manager who can share your account details with you. If you would like to sign up to Openpay, please get in touch with your regional Sales Team (AU [email protected]; UK – [email protected]).

The Openpay extension itself is free to download and use. However, please note that there are fees associated with offering Openpay to your customers. These will be detailed in your contract with Openpay.