Russian Post shipping plugin

Russian Post shipping plugin
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Shipping rate computation and tracking plugin
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创建于 一月 04,2021
最后更新: 七月 08,2021
This plugin calculates shipping rates for Russian Post standard shipping and EMS. Calculation is based on customer zip or selected country (for worldwide shipping). Russian and English languages supported. In configuration you can specify origin zip and extra price, that will be added during calculation process. This plugin uses free public Russian Post service for price calculations ( Also this plugin tracks shipments and automatically marks them as delivered when such information is received. For tracking to work you need to specify your login and password in configuration (can be obtained in business Russian Post account page). Multistore configuration is supported. Updates history: v1.01: * added weight conversion support * added currency conversion support; v1.02: added additional percent configuration (based on manufacturer, vendor, warehouse) Uninstall previous version before installing this v1.02. Read txt inside for more info.
VVDunaev 2021/2/14 上午10:36
Is primary store currency
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Is primary exchange rate currency (Основная обменная валюта) - RUB
Is primary store currency (Основная валюта магазина) - EUR

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