Shipping Director

Shipping Director
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Shipping Director allows a store owner to calculate shipping options and rates for complex scenarios
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支持的版本: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
创建于 一月 14,2013
最后更新: 九月 17,2023

Shipping Director allows a store owner to calculate shipping options and rates for complex scenarios by allowing conditional expressions to determine what shipping options apply, and expressions to calculate Rate, Surcharge, Name, and Description. Calculate your own shipping rates, and/or use any number of other shipping method plugins and (conditionally) adjust their rates, names, descriptions.

Supports multi-store, vendor, extension functions to make it easier to query for attributes, categories, and manufacturers, Testing and Export/Import of shipping configuration, and many other features. See the product page for more information.

You can download the trial version and it will allow up to 5 calculations in the public store, or you can use the “Test” button on the configuration page unlimited.  After you download the plugin, you can install it using your nopCommerce site Administration > Local Plugins > “upload a plugin or theme” button.  (Alternately, the product page includes a PDF that describes manual installation.)

Our documentation is provided in our blogs.  Feel free to contact us for support.  Give us your requirements, and we can create a sample configuration that you can import.  (Complex requirements may require an additional charge.)

brandon71 2023/4/20 下午2:16
Excellent Product - Excellent Support
The Shipping Director Plugin is a must have. The flexibility it offers to meet customer shipping rules is very good. We would not have been able to meet customer shipping requirements without it. There is a learning curve but nopTools support was very fast to respond to our questions.  

I highly recommend this plugin!
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daniel.walmsley 2022/11/24 下午8:09
Most powerful tool out there
This is an amazing plugin, but the learning curve is steep.

We got there in the end with the help of .Net Reflector to help us figure out what the properties of everything are called. On reflection, we should have paid for some help from the creator. I'd recommend you do that if you're purchasing this plugin. It's a good price anyway.

I'd love it if a search feature was added to the blog that serves as documentation.
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Thanks for the review Daniel.  Note that unless you have really complex shipping rules, we support you at no charge.  If you ever need to know what domain "properties" are available, just let us know.  Also, since the nopCommerce move away from EF, we've added many 'helper' functions to access those properties.
pfeighan 2021/7/19 上午6:56
You can do it all with Shipping Director
Noptools Support is awesome. Shipping Director (SD) is a great tool for Nopcommerce. We have implemented, UPS, FEDEX, USPS and LTL shipping with custom logic, sorting and OptionExits. SD is a robust solution to cultivate and manage shipping to meet your customers needs.
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msumerano 2021/3/18 下午5:15
Excellent product, excellent support
This module is a MUST have for those who have multiple shipping options on their site.  It allows you to tweak and tinker with the returned shipping options and rates in such a flexible way.  And, when you get stuck or something isn't working quite how you'd expect, their support is top-notch.  This is a highly recommended module!
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algoodman 2020/12/29 上午9:58
Flawless plugin, amazing support
This is an excellent plugin that does exactly what it is supposed to.  We have used it to setup very complicated delivery options for a store that delivers medical products of varying weights from 2 warehouses in different countries to locations all over the world. Its quite simple to understand and has worked flawlessly.

But even better than all of that is the customer service from Dennis and NopTools - need to change a license urgently on Christmas eve - no problem, done in less than an hour! And that was just the latest of a few years of fantastic customer service - on the rare occasions I've needed it.
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RCC 2020/9/30 下午3:18
Excellent Support
Plugin does what it says and then some. Support is very knowledgeable and helpful.  We've used it on a few websites now and never disappointed.
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wrentmorec 2020/8/26 下午3:30
Excellent Plugin and Support
This plugin allows for multiple shipping rules, such as display a message if the total weight of a shipment is over a certain threshold or display a different message if a product belongs to a certain category.  Many possibilities.
The customer support is even better.  I reached out twice and got very quick responses and answers.
这个评价是否有帮助? 0 / 0 2020/8/6 下午1:47
Love Shipping Director
Have been using for many versions back in NOP and always gets the job done.  Excellent support.  Definitely not an end-user configuration but it does the very granular and specific shipping rules my customers often request in no time at all.  Highly recommend.  Buying again today ...
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esynergy 2020/6/14 上午10:19
Amazing Customer Service
I have never experienced such a good customer service, though while I was a trial user. He is very accommodating and go extra mile to make sure the customer's need is addressed.
Hope the same service level continues. Wish you the success.
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Eyre 2020/5/25 下午7:31
Bad communication
Would be great if it supported multistore domains, not just subdomains
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We've communicated in both the product page, and in the readme.txt file that comes in the trial download:  "If you are using the multiple store option in NopCommerce, then you need to purchase a license for each store (URL). "

We are very accommodating in this matter...  The Domain license requires that all the stores run within the same domain - e.g.,,, etc.   If your apps will run in different domains - e.g.,, then you need individual URL License files.   If that's the case, then we offer
a discount if three or more URL licenses are purchased within 90 days;  buy the first two at regular price, and we'll provide you with a coupon for the 3rd (so that the total cost is the same a a domain license).
idahogrrl 2019/6/15 下午6:32
Great plugin - Amazing support
I had a situation that combined a few different requirements. Support was very responsive and helped troubleshoot and provided settings and the perfect fix. Highly recommend ... some of the best support I've received after many years of using NopCommerce.
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justinhza 2019/5/30 上午6:49
This plugin is extremely powerful and seems to cater for every possible shipping scenario.

Backed by exceptional support, even across time zones.

Have not experienced any issues or conflicts with other plugins.
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w12ard 2019/5/9 下午8:35
This works, however, not compatible with one page checkout
For now, doesn't seem compatible with one page checkout. :(
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Please contact us about issues with 3rd party one-page checkouts.  Those plugins typically are calling for shipping methods/rates many times (as info is entered by the customer), even when they don't yet have all the shipping address information collected.  If your Shipping Director configuration requires address information (like country or state) to calculate the methods/rates, then those 3rd party one page checkout plugins really should be sure they have all that information before they make any request for shipping info.  (This issue is not an SD problem; you can try it with FedEx or UPS, and you will also get unexpected results.)
Artdtc 2019/4/4 上午10:16
Worth every penny!
I've used this plugin for several years.  Tech support has been excellent in walking me thru questions I have had in setting up unique shipping requirements.

Plugin has a test feature that makes testing very easy.  

Thank you for a awesome, reliable plugin!
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steveg 2019/2/12 上午2:03
Excellent plugin and service
Really great plugin, can do so much with it.

Also top notch support from Dennis.

Highly recommend this plugin if you have complicated shipping options!
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neilm 2018/11/21 上午6:48
Excellent Product, Excellent Support
I downloaded and installed Shipping director with Dennis excellent help. I found the setup a bit tricky but Dennis helped me throughout. The plugin works perfectly for me. 5 stars
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dhancock_foremost 2018/8/6 上午10:59
Great Plugin...Great Support
I have used this plugin on over a dozen sites, and it has resolved many complex shipping situations.

Whenever I have an issue I can't resolve myself, their support has been very helpful coming up with a solution.
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zaf 2018/6/1 上午11:00
I want to buy this extention..., but I don't know how to configure and use it...
I want to buy this extention..., but I don't know how to configure and use it...

Please, help me. Contact me by Skype ID:
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Contact us -  support
Provide your requirements (including some sample carts / expected results if complex), and we can help you configure the plugin.
embryo 2017/8/25 下午6:37
Powerful tool!
I've been using this plugin for more than 4 years now and it has allowed me to deal with numerous out-of-the-ordinary shipping/packaging/delivery situations perfectly... every time.

If I couldn't figure out how to do it myself, their support has always been quick to help.
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a.m. 2017/8/18 上午11:24
Very useful
One of the best and most popular plugins in nopCommerce community. Very powerful! Recommended by nopCommerce team!
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VIVIDSITES 2017/3/8 下午1:13
Great plugin!
Did exactly what we needed and support responded quickly to our requests.
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SagarBhupalam 2016/12/7 上午4:20
Think of a shipping scenario and Shipping Director can handle it!
We have very complex shipping and delivery scenarios for our marketplace which consists of plenty of vendors delivering at their own scheduled time slots. The permutation and combinations are too many to handle.Thanks to Shipping director which could handle every single scenario.

There's a small learning curve, but the support is almost instantaneous and very helpful.
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gpayne 2016/11/16 下午2:47
Brilliant! Shipping Director is Fantastic.
What a great way to handle very complex shipping set ups. The learning curve can be a little tough to master at first. The test feature allows you to run a case to tweak your set up.

Very innovative and useful. Support is very attentive and easy too work with.

Highly recommended.
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vfgta 2016/8/25 下午1:27
Great plugin, great support
We've used Shipping Director on two e-commerce stores so far, each with different shipping customization needs. This plugin is amazing, it really can do it all and it comes with incredible support. We had the support team get back to us with the help we needed very quickly every time. Very happy we got the Shipping Director and highly recommend it.
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sumnone 2016/3/27 上午3:56
Works perfect and excellent customer service
We've been using Shipping Director for years and it's really perfect, never one issue once the initial setup was complete and never one complaint from customers. Some of the expressions can be a bit complex to setup, but with that, it also has endless flexibility.

However, the best part is the customer service. When you find yourself possibly perplexed (or anything really...maybe just a simple question), customer service is always speedy and helpful. I've emailed at the strangest times over the years, even on holiday weekends, and always had a reply within an hour or two.

We're still a few versions back, but won't have the slightest hesitation when it comes time to upgrade (or use it on any other nopCommerce projects that I come across). Shipping Director is really a necessity for nopCommerce in more ways than just the obvious.
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centrolutions 2015/12/4 上午9:32
Great plugin and great support
We needed to set some rules on shipping that NopCommerce couldn't do out-of-the-box and we found Shipping Director. It works flawlessly. It's super flexible and does exactly what we want.

We did have to contact support once and they were awesome! They even sent us an early copy of a new version that had a bug fix in it. They provided outstanding service.
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rsquires 2015/9/12 下午2:45
Awesome Plugin
I have been using Shipping Director for several weeks now.  It truly does everything claimed, is easy to setup and use, and very flexible.  I have also been impressed with responsive and high level of support the NOPTools team provides.  Top notch product and service.
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bradfordgiosa.mb 2015/1/22 下午12:46
Great Plug In
This is a great plug in for NOP.
At the price you cant beat it.
Never had a problem with it either.
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jamesg 2014/9/26 下午2:50
Great plugin
As a complete novice, noptools configured the shipping rates to our complicated requirements by postcode for a very reasonable fee.
Worked straight away with no issues. Great service and help.
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vikramkashyap 2013/9/23 上午3:30
Need Help
I have just downloaded the trial version and was able to install it. How can i configure it to my needs. I want to be able to set up shipping charges based on different states/zipcodes (within India) that customer enters during checkout. Thanks, you can revert me at [email protected]
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mwoffenden 2013/5/31 下午9:33
Very elegant, but needs manual!!
My need was to lookup speciific shipping amounts by zip code.  This plugin did the job for my client right out of the box.

Once I got the hang of the interface I was rolling along.

Very flexible and rather elegant in its implementation.

Desperately needs one thing though: a user manual.  I had to slog  through a lot of blog posts to find examples.
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rhaag71 2013/4/9 上午1:34
Very Excellent and Highly Recommended!
With flexibility comes complexity, but that is to be expected as this plugin is solving complex and/or 'advanced' problems and is well worth the time to set it up. Very well thought out, and very much worth the cost. This developer goes well above and beyond what is to be expected for support and even takes an interest in his customer's projects. His support is blazing fast, very concise and helpful. I highly recommend this plugin if you are in need of setting up some more complex shipping scenarios/conditions.
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maxdmvp 2012/12/11 上午10:27
Flexible tool and great Customer Service
I think you'll find the tool helps you solve many shipping scenarios.  If you have troubles their customer service is great and very responsive.
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