Stripe 3D secure 2(SCA, EU) plugin (By nopCommercePlus)

Stripe 3D secure 2(SCA, EU) plugin (By nopCommercePlus)
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Direct payment plugin using Stripe Payment Gateway for nopcommerce(3D Secure 2, PSD2 and SCA)
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支持的版本: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
创建于 八月 23,2018
最后更新: 一月 02,2024
Stripe Card + 3D Secure2(SCA/EU, PCI) Supported Version: 3.80, 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60.


In modern era stripe payment gateway is one of the massive payment gateway. We have supported majority of card such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay credit and debit cards etc. User Interface is very impressive and it's sync with all modern browser and devices. We are protecting customer card information with PCI compliance. And, we are not preserving any card information at our end. Collect your customer’s payment information easily and securely on web or mobile, and create charges server-side in 135+ currencies.



Authorize the payment and the customer will be charged later on.


Authorize the payment and customer will be charged at the same time.


Capture Charge for "Authorize" payment customer.


Void the payment (for authorized payments).


Recurring Payments support. Recurring subscription is done through Stripe.


Refund the amount to the customer, Partially/Full.


Supports SCA/EU, PCI, 3D Secure 2.


Supports processing payments in 135+ currencies, allowing you to charge customers in their native currency while receiving payments in yours.


Checkout process error fixed: Zero decimal currency and NopCommerce custom currency rounding.


One Year free Support and Upgrade.


Easy installation
Easy configuration
Improve functionality
Responsive plugins

Expertise in Customization, Plugins, Themes & Mobile application development for nopCommerce.

najamulasre 2024/2/21 上午5:45
Excellent Plugin
The Stripe Plugin excels in providing seamless payment processing for both desktop and mobile. Its user-friendly interface ensures a smooth checkout experience, while swift support from the customer service team adds immense value. Highly recommended.
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mosostowicz 2023/11/29 上午12:13
Really happy with the plugin and customer service!
The plugin does exactly what it promises and is very easy to set up, and works seamlessly with Stripe.
One minor issue we had during setup was quickly and promptly resolved by the customer service team, who were very helpful and went above and beyond!
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virtualeman 2023/7/18 上午9:00
Good Stripe plugin
Nice plugin, excellent support
这个评价是否有帮助? 0 / 0 2023/4/28 上午7:10
Best Customer Service!👍
I’ve been in business over 30 years
and for me nothing is more important than a good product and good customer service. Up to this point We’ve only needed Jatin’s help and let me say it’s amazing! Super fast, super patient, super friendly!
Thank you Jatin for being a true professional.
We have not seen customer service like this in years.
5 star service all the way!👍
We’ll be testing our site this weekend along with
our newly installed (Stripe Module).
I will give you a full review on it this coming week.
Eddie Perez
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vinay9597 2022/9/27 上午7:11
Work like Charm!
We have purchased the plugin. Team quickly turn around us and help us to install plugin successfully. Good Coordination by team. Plugin works good. Highly recommend .
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[email protected] 2022/2/3 上午5:09
Excelent Plugin
The plugin works really well,, very simple quick installation.

Great Support from nopcommerceplus team.
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Ingsoftware 2022/1/26 上午7:50
Good product and excellent support
The plugin fits our purpose and works well. The support is excellent, they quickly provided the needed information. I recommend this product.
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Shiva570 2021/12/22 上午4:43
Good Product
We had integrated this plugin into our website, it had solved a lot of products. The response is good. I definitely recommend this plugin
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AbedLogic 2021/12/13 上午5:15
Great Support
they have great support with a fast-responding team
thank you for helping
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alguy 2021/10/25 上午7:43
Great support
Easy to configure and great support when I needed it
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mrbr 2021/10/24 下午11:09
Works well
Works well. Multi store. Good support.
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D Pandey 2021/10/12 上午1:54
Great support!
The plugin works perfectly, when I needed help,
the support team was very quick and understood my questions,
it was a great differentiator for me. I recommend!
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gidanmx2 2021/9/27 上午4:55
Great support!
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[email protected] 2021/9/20 上午7:00
Full-featured plugin with excellent support
This Stripe payment module has many features missing from a free version we were using earlier such as SCA and meaningful Customer and Description fields. Plus excellent support with an installation problem makes it well worth the money.
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PaZer 2021/9/17 上午8:39
Impressive support and plugin quality
Great plugin with all feature we need. Great quality of the plugin and outstanding support by Jatin. Just works!

For us #1 stripe plugin for nopCommerce!
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rayhuang 2021/9/7 上午4:06
easy to use
the plugin is easy to use, and easy to config.
works smoothly and bug free.
strongly recommended
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[email protected] 2021/5/28 上午7:08
Stripe 3D secure
This is an excellent plugin to the Nop Commerce payment options.

The team responses very efficiently. I have no hesitation in giving a 100% salinification rating.
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sgklonis 2021/5/26 上午11:20
Great plugin and support
This plugin works perfectly. I reached out for support and I received helpful responses very quickly. I recommend!
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patrick_sardinha 2021/5/26 上午3:51
Easy to install and configure, with a great and fast support team.
It's very easy to install and configure, the support team is great, super fast e efficient answering any question we had. I highly recommend it!
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bartman9 2021/4/3 上午6:28
Excellent product and great customer service!
This plugin was easy to install and configure.  It does everything we needed to process payments reliably and securely.  I reached out for support with a couple of questions and I received helpful responses very quickly.  Highly recommend this payment solution.
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brianl6612 2021/4/2 下午12:35
Great Plugin and Support from nopCommercePlus
Plugin works flawlessly from nopCommercePlus.  They usually respond within 24 hours if you do need support.  A+ plugin!
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NEBULA 2021/3/29 下午11:58
Easy setup
This plugin works perfectly.
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nopguru 2021/3/13 上午12:42
Best Plugin Available in Marketplace
I m using this plugin for many years and every time it is working best and support is also great! Great Job!
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marierable 2021/2/26 下午12:20
Great Product & Support
I installed this plugin several months ago, and it works perfectly. Support service supplied all the info I needed to complete the installation easily.
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SorgoRojo 2021/2/22 上午2:59
Excellent plugin and customer service
The plugin works well, and I would like to thank the support team as they helped me with the installation and few questions that I had.

I have other plugins from nopCommercePlus and I never had any problem, I am happy with their work.
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watto_uk 2021/2/19 上午8:03
Excellent plugin
Excellent plugin, really easy to install and configure and the developers are a pleasure to communicate with, very helpful, a great experience all round.
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Stroka 2021/2/16 上午7:40
Easy to use and works
Plugin is easy to install and works well.
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cleberdsantos 2021/1/8 上午8:37
Amazing and easy to use
the plugin works perfectly and the support team helped me with everything I needed, very fast response time.

I recommend
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piotr.galek2 2020/12/16 上午1:26
Works as promised
We were using nop and strip with this plugin for few years now and it works perfect in all our shops.
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sybott 2020/12/4 上午10:26
Fast support & function well
the stripe plug-in works for, also the developer replied fast when we have question.
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eamesy 2020/11/27 上午2:46
Good support
Plugin works great, initially had an install config issue due to a third party one page checkout plugin I was using but thanks to great support, this was quickly resolved by Sandeep and the team. Thanks guys!
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jslater 2020/11/12 上午2:41
Great Plugin and Easy To Install
Great plugin, really easy to install and the team are on hand if you have any questions! Thanks
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stevobenno 2020/11/11 下午1:01
A great product and great support
We recently purchased the multi-domain version of the plug-in. The development team provides us great support in implementing plug-in for a very specific use case we had for multi-tenancy instance of not commerce. Even modifying the licence to support our customised subdomain method of naming the stores.
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virtualeman 2020/10/22 上午11:01
Good support
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Chamila1026 2020/10/6 上午3:11
Great Support
very good plugin. had few issues but support team quickly resolved all. awesome support
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andrea.verno 2020/9/3 上午10:59
great plugin
The configuration is easy and the support can help you when you find something not working, the plugin is now up and running very well
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Supersquared 2020/8/6 上午11:24
Fantastic plugin
This plugin is working like a charm, setup is amazingly easy, this is impressive!
Also the support team is awesome.
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cleberdsantos 2020/7/4 上午1:39
works perfectly
The plugin works perfectly, when I needed help, the support team was very quick and understood my questions, it was a great differentiator for me. I recommend!
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jirwin 2020/5/31 下午1:00
Great plugin
This plugin works exactly as it should, and is inexpensive given the value it provides. I needed to upgrade my site to be SCA compliant and, rather than rolling my own, I was able to purchase the plugin and get it up and running in minutes. Highly recommend!
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fetchjon 2020/5/19 上午3:03
Very happy with this plugin and ongoing support
Plugin was very easy to install and configure. I had a minor issue but that was very quickly resolved by Jatin. Very impressed.
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skylab 2020/5/18 下午1:41
Great plugin and support
Plugin very easy to install and does the job very well. Great support - high recommended!
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SteveL82 2020/5/11 上午5:16
Great plugin, fast and awesome support!
Plugin is easy to install and configure. Great experience!
We had a problem with another Stripe plugin and support fixed it right away.
Definitely recommend!
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virtualeman 2020/4/27 上午9:44
Nice plugin and support
Nice plugin and support
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ncaduff 2020/4/21 上午8:05
working stuff - recommend to anyone looking for payment method
it is working, very easy set-up and just 100% dedicated support team.
Worked like a charm, truly impressed.
Thanks a lot !
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[email protected] 2020/4/16 下午11:39
Works and Excellent support
The plugin does its job perfectly and the support is great
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anjn 2020/2/11 上午6:47
Credit Card Payments
Easy to install ! Also great support.
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asthanarayan 2020/1/20 上午6:53
Very Useful
Thanks for developing this plugin. It is easy to install and use with great customer support.
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cramrrop 2019/12/12 上午6:10
Excellent Extension
I had paypal direct plugin and facing some problems related to currency conversation then i came to nopcommerceplus and tried this plugin now we not suffering any problem. There are many companies for stripe plugin but nopcommerceplus company amazing. Perfect support and services.
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Partsfe 2019/12/3 上午10:49
Best plugin at best price
This is a best solution for your payment integration. And the developer support is awesome, they are just instant and vey helpful. Worth buying this plugin.
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jeromeliger 2019/9/9 上午11:18
Great support !
Good plugin, easy to configure and works like expected...

Support is very reactive and comprehensive... they even gave me multiple licences keys for only one licence bought (keys for testing on our DEV/TEST environments).

I recommand, eye-closed :-)
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KelvinChan 2019/6/8 下午9:59
Works perfectly and great support!
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Pasyona 2019/5/25 上午6:39
Installed and works!
Easy to install and works fine! Also great support, quick and pro!
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johndillon 2019/4/9 上午1:03
Works perfectly, great value
Works perfectly, great value
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brs 2019/2/6 下午9:25
Installation Issue
Support was exceptional - I was walked through the entire process and everything works as expected.

Very satisfied
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virtualeman 2019/1/8 上午3:54
Works fine as described, excellent support
excellent support throught email and skype
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karlmw90 2018/12/14 上午10:11
Great plugin
Great plugin
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carlosdga 2018/11/2 上午11:04
Excellent plugin and Support
100% recommended! Excellent plugin, it performs what is described and the support is the best. I had some doubts and they were resolved them very quickly.
这个评价是否有帮助? 1 / 0
sepocon 2018/10/22 上午7:46
Excellent product and great support
I have this installed on two sites now and it works flawlessly. The support over Skype was amazing when I made a mistake installing the plugin.
这个评价是否有帮助? 1 / 0
satakarimas 2018/9/24 上午1:28
Great plugin
I acquired this plugin to earn time and it was even better. easy, efficient and does the work well.a good complement to bancontact and paypal plugin from the same company.
这个评价是否有帮助? 1 / 0
mattbowles 2018/9/10 下午3:24
Worked as expected.
Great support for a separate query about an older version of NOP, and went out there way to assist.
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[email protected] 2018/9/10 上午10:41
excellent service
The plug-in works very well. Excellent assistance service. Very available and fast.
这个评价是否有帮助? 1 / 0