Universal ZipCode plugin

Universal ZipCode plugin
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Restrict COD and Shipping to certain ZIP Codes and add a check in on the product page
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支持的版本: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
创建于 六月 15,2016
最后更新: 三月 30,2024
Best ZipCode based Restriction & Notification Plug-in

Universal ZipCode Plugin

Restrict COD and shipping to certain ZIP Codes and add a check in on the product page

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Universal ZipCode Plug-in is the most complete and feature rich ZipCode plug-in for nopCommerce, which can be used to offer a functionality using which your visitors can check if their delivery location is served by you or not, and whether your shop allows for COD (Cash on Delivery) as payment option for their location.

They can find this detail directly on the Product Detail pages, so there are less chances of dropout from the checkout page. The plug-in also helps with finding locations that you are currently not serving, but your store visitors are requesting. So you can add services for those locations.

You can ask visitors about their zip code on their first visit to your on-line store. And once they enter, they won't need to check it again, as the plug-in persists the same.

The plug-in also helps you restrict visitors to checkout with non serviced zip code as well as disables COD payment method when COD is not available.

You can maintain a list of zip codes with their status for shipping and COD in simple excel file, which can be imported directly into the nopCommerce for easier maintenance.

If you need this plug-in into your own language or if you need more features, you can always write to us.

Universal ZipCode Plug-in Features

General Features
  • Display your visitors whether you offer shipments to their location, using Zip Code.
  • Display your visitors whether you offer COD (Cash on Delivery) as a Payment option for their Zip Code.
  • Manages list of Zip Code from admin panel with their configuration to allow for Shipping and COD using bulk excel import-export. You can set particular zip code to allow Shipping or COD or both.
  • Automatically ask new visitor about their zip code via pop-up, when they visit your store for the first time.
  • Restrict COD (or any selected) payment method if COD is not available on provided zip code.
  • Disable "Add To Cart" button if shipping is not available on provided zip code. You can enable/disable this feature.
  • Disable Cart Checkout if shipping is not available on provided zip code and "Add To Cart" button has not been disabled. You can enable/disable this feature.
  • Fast ZipCode Lookup method, implemented using Ajax. Does not slow down your shop.
  • Retain last checked zip code in product details page using cookie.
  • Supported for Single Product as well as Group Product pages.
  • Configurable positioning for ZipCode plug-in control on Single Product and Group Product pages.
  • Open to customize design files for Zip Code plug-in control.
  • Fast Bulk Import/Export unlimited Zip Code using excel files.
  • Track zip code location which your customers are trying, but you are not serving. Get/Export log reports for zip codes for which customers were not able to place order.
  • Multi-store support, Supported version(s) 3.50 - 4.10.
  • Open to enhance Universal ZipCode plug-in with other features, please suggest.

Installing Plug-in

Download plug-in object code and put it at your /Plugins folder then follow nopCommerce standard plug-in installation procedure to install plug-in. Universal ZipCode plug-in is available under “Misc” group on local plugins page. Once Plugin is installed go to your nopCommerce admin panel, and go to Configuration > Plugins > Local Plugins > Universal ZipCode Plugin. It will ask you to enter your license key, enter license key which you received on your registered email after purchasing this plug-in from our website.

You may need to give read/write permission's to IIS user's on server where you deploy/host your website to install this plug-in.

How to use Universal ZipCode Plug-in

  • After installing this plug-in, once configured it will automatically provide options and methods for ZipCode. For brief intro on how to configure please look at plug-in configuration help document included in the plug-in download folder.
frozy 2021/6/26 下午10:25
Waiting for support for 4.40 version
Waiting for support for 4.40 version
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khedr 2020/11/8 上午2:11
Version 4.30
Good job and very helpful plugin, Waiting for version 4.30

Thank you.
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karan6487 2019/8/11 上午7:43
version 4.20
waiting for version 4.20
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binithcj 2016/12/4 下午10:08
Zip Code Validation
Verified all features mentioned in the description using trial version.
Everything works perfect.
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