Acerca de nosotros

nopCommerce is the best open-source eCommerce shopping cart solution. nopCommerce is free, and it is the most popular ASP.NET eCommerce platform. The first nopCommerce version was released in 2008. At that time there were no free and open-source shopping carts that would not impose the limitations on business processes and flow hence the essential goal for nopCommerce was to fix that.

The high quality of the product and its constant development led to creating the global nopCommerce community of over 250,000 members. The philosophy of the open-source product allows us to receive the contribution of developers and businesses from around the world. That helps us to grow faster and meet the highest security and technology standards.

Our mission

  • .Create the most popular and stable product for eCommerce in the world. It should be competitive with paid Enterprise solutions (not just open-source ones).
  • .Think about every user. All users should be happy with nopCommerce. Each of our decisions should be made considering the others.
  • .Help our partners and community participate in product and ecosystem promotion

Conoce a nuestro equipo

Andrei Mazulnitsyn
Andrei Mazulnitsyn
Andrei is the founder and soul of nopCommerce. He's responsible for strategic planning, management and finding new opportunities for growth. But it doesn't prevent him from being involved in development of new functionality in nopCommerce. Other than delivering of the best eCommerce solution, Andrei likes travelling with his wife and lovely kids.
Ivan Kartashov
Ivan Kartashov
Ivan has a great managerial experience in business development of companies in various fields of activity. "Efficiency", "Growth", "Monetization" are his favorite words. IT sphere gets his special attention, so he gladly joined our team. Caring dad and loving husband, he is fond of snowboarding, traveling and having fun with friends.
Marianna Koroleva
Marianna Koroleva
Software Developer
Marianna has degree in Schoolteaching of Computer technologies with a teaching experience. She changed many professions before she began to work as a software developer. Marianna joined nopCommerce team in 2012. She is responsible for the look and feel of every new page on as well as technical support, development of plugins, themes and nopCommerce core.
Maksim Romanov
Maksim Romanov
Software Developer
Maksim is our .NET Developer. After graduating from technical university he gained experience of programming in different places throughout the year and finally met us. The opportunity to participate in an extensive open-source project, the desire to grow professionally by working in a family-like team, subsequent collaboration with foreign partners and free cookies seduced Maksim to join nopCommerce team in January 2016. He believes that anyone can make a positive contribution to the Project.
Sergei Koshelev
Sergei Koshelev
Software Developer
Sergei always dreamt of being a programmer. Despite starting to work in manual labor after school, Sergei managed to pull his dream closer and got a good education in IT sphere. Due to his desire to program, rational mind, love for mathematics and constant self-education he got the lead developer job in public education sector, but changed it, becoming nopCommerce developer. In his free time he enjoys fishing, social dancing, watching movies and going to theater.
Dmitry Kulagin
Dmitry Kulagin
Software Developer
Dmitry joined the nopCommerce development team in 2018. For a long time, he was working in various IT companies, where he paid special attention to self-development, which in his opinion is the main feature in the self-realization of any developer. He is deeply convinced that the true potential of every developer is maximized in teamwork, especially if the team uses advanced development technologies, as nopCommerce does. In his spare time, he enjoys bike trips and travels with his wife.
Liana Mandzhieva
Liana Mandzhieva
Partner Manager
Liana has experience in the finance department onboard the biggest cruise line company in the USA as well as in the event & marketing department in one of the famous luxury retail companies. The complex and exciting world of eCommerce drew her attention and she joined the nopCommerce team in 2018. Liana is responsible for organizing international events and conferences at nopCommerce. Also, she is a Key Account Manager to some of our Partners. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading self-development books, learning foreign languages and practice yoga.
Alexey Anohin
Alexey Anohin
Software Developer
Alexey has started his .NET development path in 2010. Since then he managed to participate in diverse projects in such areas like eCommerce, SaaS CRM, ERP.He wasn't thinking twice on the offer to participate in the open-source project with the worldwide famous name with large and friendly community so he joined nopCommerce team. In his spare time Alexey enjoys outdoor activities and traveling with his family.
Dmitriy Kiselev
Dmitriy Kiselev
Software Developer
Dmitry got his bachelors degree in 2019 and joined the nopCommerce development team. He is interested in the fast-growing eCommerce market. In his spare time, Dmitry enjoys reading, relaxing with friends and going to the gym.
Irina Leontieva
Irina Leontieva
Partner Manager
After University graduation Irina started working in the event industry and got really great experience. But at the same time, the IT field has been captivating and intriguing for her. Irina joined nopCommerce team in 2020 and admits that it has become an accurate hit on her goal. She is a partner manager and she enjoys everyday communication with interesting people. In her spare time, she is engaged in dancing, snowboarding and loves to travel around Europe and Asia.

Our history

March 2021

nopCommerce 4.40 released; upgraded to .NET Core 5; the fastest version ever

May 2020

nopCommerce 4.30 released; upgraded to .NET Core 3.1

October 2019

The fifth nopCommerce conference is held in Mumbai, India

September 2019

60,000 websites running on nopCommerce worldwide

May 2019

nopCommerce 4.20 released, Linux and Docker support added

November 2018

The fourth nopCommerce conference is held in Las Vegas

August 2018

50,000 websites running on nopCommerce worldwide

July 2018

nopCommerce 4.10 released; moved to ASP.NET Core + .NET Core

January 2018

35,000 websites running on nopCommerce worldwide

November 2017

The third nopCommerce conference is held in New York

November 2017

nopCommerce 4.00 released. We moved to ASP.NET Core technology

October 2016

The second nopCommerce conference is held in Amsterdam

August 2016

Technology partnership program launched

January 2016

nopCommerce wins CMScritic's People Choice award as best eCommerce for SMB

January 2016

nopCommerce launched developer certification program

November 2015

21,000 websites running on nopCommerce worldwide

October 2015

The first nopCommerce conference is held in Amsterdam

September 2015

nopCommerce moves to a new office

August 2015

nopCommerce is downloaded more than 1,500,000 times

December 2014

140,000 registered community members

May 2014

New solution partnership program launched (Silver and Gold levels)

May 2013

nopCommerce 3.00 released; bringing multi-store and multi-vendor support

January 2013

nopCommerce powers 14,000 websites

October 2012

nopCommerce team starts providing of the premium support services and customization services

September 2012

nopCommerce opens the first office

December 2011

9,000 websites running on nopCommerce worldwide

November 2011

nopCommerce was selected as a finalist in the PacktPub open-source award

August 2011

nopCommerce 2.00 released. We moved to ASP.NET MVC technology

January 2011

The MVP program was introduced

May 2010

5,000 websites running on nopCommerce worldwide

August 2009

The solution and hosting partnership programs were introduced

July 2009

The product was recognized by Microsoft and included to Web Installer Platform

June 2009

The company (Nop Solutions Ltd) is founded

October 2008

The first version of nopCommerce is released