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Get the practical and technical skills you need to run and customize nopCommerce websites of any complexity


By the end of the training course, you will be able to


Topics covered

The training course includes 9 topics for study

  1. In the first section, we will discuss how to install and configure nopCommerce. You will see how to install it on different platforms, how to configure nopCommerce for using in web farms and more.
  2. The next section is devoted to the nopCommerce upgrading process. You will learn about migrations and how we use them to apply database changes in the simple and fast way.
  3. Then, you will learn about the eCommerce platform architecture of nopCommerce, including the ASP.NET Core eCommerce project design, codebase, the stack of technologies used, and more.
  4. Then, we will customize a nopCommerce solution. You will learn how to work with nopCommerce on each level (including data access, business procesess and presentation layer).
  5. Then, we will consider front-end development. In this section, you will see how to edit the look and feel of a page.
  6. The following section will introduce plugin development. You will learn the difference between plugin types and practice plugin development.
  7. Then comes the section devoted to advanced plugin development. It includes updating existing entities through a plugin and working with data, overriding core functionality, customizing views and admin area, and more.
  8. Then, we will discuss the testing process. You will see which testing system nopCommerce uses, learn how to create a test, and perform load testing.
  9. And finally, you will learn how to optimize the site performance. Using the tips from this section you can be sure that your solution will be ready for high load.

The video lessons within the training course are prepared for nopCommerce 4.50 (and relevant for all later versions)

training plan

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The modular structure of the training course enables you to:

  • Study at any time of your convenience.
  • Skip the content you might already know.
  • View the lessons again if you need a refresher.
  • Master the advanced level seamlessly because of the smooth transition from simple to complex.
9 topics for study
108 video lessons in English
All the videos are available for study straight away

If you dedicate around 2 hours a day to the course, you'll complete it in about two weeks


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The training course includes two levels:


The core nopCommerce developer team has designed the course based on:

eCommerce development experience

13 years of nopCommerce development experience

Common developer mistakes in nopCommerce setup and customization

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certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

You will be invited to an online certification exam upon completing the training course. The passing score of the exam is 80%. Upon passing the exam, a developer receives the Specialist certificate and Certified Developer badge.

The Certified Developer badge will be displayed in your developer profile on (on our forums, the certification directory page, and the solution partners web page) and will give you the following benefits:

Official recognition of your skills      
More trust from clients    
Advancing your career  

Terms and Conditions for the nopCommerce course

Fundamentals 890$
Fundamentals + Advanced 990$

It is cheaper for a team! Get 20% off when purchasing the course for 3 and more people.

After paying for the course, you will receive an invitation with access to your chosen level.

All the video lessons will be available for 4 months. However, we can prolong the access to the videos if you can't complete the training in the given time frame for some reason.

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