Central Vacuum Stores: 95% growth in organic conversion rate

Central Vacuum Stores: 95% growth in organic conversion rate
Estadísticas #1
95% growth in organic e-commerce conversion rate
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98% growth in organic e-commerce revenue
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70,000+ monthly visits from organic search


Central Vacuum Stores is a Fortune 100 eCommerce retailer of vacuum parts, components, and systems as well as household maintenance, cleaning, and ventilation products. The immense volume of over 33,000 products merchandised through this website, presented an intense development and build challenge of creating a convenient, pleasant, and fast online shopping experience for website customers.


Spinutech (formerly Bayshore Solutions) selected the nopCommerce platform as the foundation to develop a fully responsive and powerful e-commerce website. The site manages 4,000 product categories and over 290 filterable attributes in the presentation of over 30,000 Central Vacuum Stores products offered in the online store. Amazon Payments integration, a custom quoting system, Google Trusted Store integration, and a single page checkout are all part of the website build.

The approach taken allows the website to deliver a convenient, and expedient shopping experience from researching and discovering the products desired, configuring varieties of applicable options, and processing a complex online purchase transaction in a way that is seamless and simple for customers. The new website now enables Central Vacuum Stores’ average of 30% of customers using mobile devices to easily access navigate and purchase online.

Marketing the website after launch involved extensive SEO Strategy. A main goal, in addition to continuously increasing conversion rates and sales, is to grow the organic-sourced traffic in order to relieve costly paid search that has historically been the primary traffic driver. The website now attracts 70,000+ organic visits per month on average.

Specific SEO Tactics included SEO Meta tags, Link Building, Schema Markup, Copy Optimization, Internal Link Building, Keyword Research.


  • 42% growth in website conversion rate
  • Organic e-commerce conversion rate grew 95%
  • Organic e-commerce revenue grew 98%, driving 38% of the website’s total revenue
  • 70,000+ monthly visits from organic search
  • 43% growth in paid search conversion rate


Spinutech (formerly Bayshore Solutions) is a leading custom Web development, Web design & Internet marketing agency in the United States serving over 1,500 customers across 54 countries. Founded in 1996, Bayshore Solutions integrates technology and marketing expertise to deliver custom Internet business solutions that drive measurable results and grow your business.