Hi to everybody

We have just upgraded nopcommerce at the very last version 4.404 (from 4.3). It seemed it was working fine but after few days we've noticed some issues.
I discovered that my theme.custom-1.css was not been recreated when were making changes in admin ... and it seems to me that the problem is linked to an incomplete nop/theme upgrade.

We have a test site ( ) that after the upgraed was working quite fine so we decided to do the same for the production. We have done these steps below:

1. Had the files for nopCommerce 4.4 added.
2. Had our external Themes/Plugins for 4.4 added.
3. Copied the old dataSettings.json and plugins.json files to the App_Data folder.
4. Started the application (and the migrations that upgrade the database handled the database upgrade).

But the production site doesn't works very well. We notice that:

1) the estimated shipping cost is not displayed in the product's page (and we have a lot of errors in the log file as: "Error 404. The requested page (/product/estimateshipping) was not found"
2) The admin section is not displayed as the test site that is correct

You can see the problems in our production site www.hobbystore.it below:


Anyone can help us to resolve this features?
Thank you in advance