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Esplora casi di studio reali, storie di successo del traffico e aumenti delle vendite di aziende reali che lavorano con nop-Commerce
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Volvo Cars sells beautifully-crafted merchandise to their clients. They needed a full-circle eCommerce and retail solution, including ERP integration, CDN, shipping integration, duty calculation, and customized customer roles.
Zoommer is one of the largest retail chains of smartphones, digital cameras, laptops and audio/video appliances. 9 years ago, Zoommer was a startup formed by young entrepreneurs. Since then it has grown into one of the largest retail chains in Georgia.
As their existing eCommerce website didn’t make sales, TACO company approached Sigma Solve to find a solution that could enhance their sales online and achieve better ROI. The whole project should be completed within a tight deadline.
Electron Microscopy Sciences is a leading source of products for microscopy, histology supplies, chemicals, and laboratory equipment. 20 years later, its website was a priority for an upgrade.
Sun State is a family-owned dealer for International’s flagship line of trucks. After the launch of the new website, the client reported exceeding $1 million in sales.
G7th manufactures probably one of the world's best capos. Within six months since the launch of their new store, the number of dealers selling the capos has doubled to over 1000 worldwide. Orders went up from a trickle per year to many per day.
Aswaaqonline is an online wide-range grocery store in the UAE. The company already had a brick and mortar shopping mall, so in order to enhance the shopping experience, they decided to develop an online store.
Full accessibility, optimized usability and user experience, state-of-the-art design, and efficiency sum up the brand-new e-shop system with higher conversion rates of Caremarket, one of the biggest online supermarkets in Greece.
In addition to its brick and mortar stores chain, Caster Technology decided to create an online presence. The challenge was to push their 2 million SKUs kept in an ERP system to the new store.
Open for Vintage, a luxury fashion website with a mission to become the leading online platform for luxury preowned fashion, grew from 2 to 65 stores across 12 countries in just one year implementing a network of boutiques on one website.
Wefit, true to its vision of continuous development and reliability, partnered with NopServices to create a unique digital presence with a great range of products and provide an effective and meaningful experience to its customers.
Autoplicity is a premier aftermarket automotive store bringing over 10 million parts and over 8 thousand manufacturers together. Autoplicity’s traffic has grown over 20 times since it was first launched in 2011.
Central Vacuum Stores is a Fortune 100 eCommerce retailer of vacuum parts, components, and systems. After the site re-launch, the store has seen a 95% growth in conversion rate and 98% growth in the revenue.
The CEB eCommerce site had run reliably on the Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 platform for over a decade. It was time to upgrade their outdated system to provide their customers with a more engaging user experience.
GBFT Online, a Japanese consumer electronics and home appliances stores chain, saw the 519% sales growth after connecting their malls based on nopCommerce platform.
Harman is one of the biggest companies in the field of audio and infotainment systems. Harman’s Russian regional office set a target to increase revenues and customer loyalty. One of the improvement areas was their online store.
STEFCO, a theater and stage equipment distributor, decided to upgrade the company's website to nopCommerce 4.10 version and have further plans to migrate a website to Linux hosting. 17 plugins needed serious modification during this upgrade.
Mosbatesabz is an online pharmacy. At first, this shop was on another online platform. Due to the inappropriate architecture of primary platform database and many other problems, they decided to migrate to nopCommerce.
Y Jewelry is an online jewelry store in France and India, using a bespoke CMS and AngularJs (v1) as front-end. The introduction of the new nopCommerce-based store increased the user-base with 20,000 in 1 month.
Newline Trophy sells custom manufactured awards of crystal, glass, and acrylic. Looking for a way to enhance the customer online experience, the company required an online application to present clients a way to design virtual awards and trophies. sells online custom design hardware pieces of brass. They already had a store but wanted to increase the profits and expand sales. The new version of the site should have become more user-friendly.
Music Tribe is a multinational company that manufactures and distributes musical instruments and equipment. They asked NopAdvance to develop a B2B online store for finished goods for them. sells high-quality electronic gadgets. The company had a website but the CMS it was built on had many issues & bugs that affected the overall performance. In addition, the mobile version of the site needed to be improved.
Meama, an innovative coffee capsule producer needed to build a modern and tasteful website where users would have as smooth purchasing experience as the flavors of Meama coffee itself. marketplace sells mobile phones, accessories, small and large appliances. It offers 101.000 products from 70 vendors and has 5000 unique daily visitors. The site was built from scratch using nopCommerce.
Ofix is a large Mexican office and school supply company with 25 stores countrywide and 900+ employees. Back in 1998, when the company was just founded, it was only engaged in B2C sales, but later decided to join the B2B market as well.
With its new B2B eCommerce solution, Swiss construction company Frutiger has simplified its interaction with 5,000 construction sites. Each site can now order and rent products independently, with unique price conditions.
America’s largest ceiling fan retailer was struggling to make its online store a primary point-of-sale. They needed a platform that supports content customization and personalization instead of their antiquated Drupal CMS.
A previous website of leading air curtains manufacturer, Mars Air, was catered towards post-sale action, but the company was looking to capture a wider net of potential leads through pre-sales content with better security.
IC Intracom Mexico, a company that develops, manufactures and distributes PC peripherals, decided to create their eCommmerce webpage. The main requirement was to integrate it with their existing ERP system.
Grupo Monge is one of the largest companies in Central America. The company has its own credit system of payments and is represented by more than 500 stores. Moving online was a big challenge for the them.
Husqvarna Motorcycles is an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer of Swedish origin. They requested the development of several new features and extensive optimizations for the UX on their website built on nopCommerce version 4.20.
Dowa is a reputable online pharmacy in Kuwait established in 2011. When their old store on AspDotNetStoreFront became unable to support new legal requirements for doctor-patient communication, they decided to migrate to nopCommerce.
Centralcrafts is a lavish and a trend-setting company making unique leather products. The company had an online presence but their site was not mobile responsive while a majority of the customers were browsing it using mobile devices.
Kizomba Rooms is one of the biggest portals uniting Kizomba, Semba, and UrbanKiz dancing fans. A new website brought together tens of thousands of users from 15 countries by allowing them to search and submit their own events. is an online store selling polish products in the United Kingdom. The company wanted to improve payments processing. The store saw 70% increase in the orders number and 17% growth of the average order value after the site redesign.
With over 50 years in the electrical wire and cable business, a manufacturer and distributor was ready to grow its online business. The company wanted to evolve its future online presence from their current method of sales.
Potu Shop is an online marketplace, selling different goods - from home supplies and electronics to food and medical essentials for men and women. They needed a website that could provide customers not only with usual forms of payment but also with a reward points system.
Fom d.o.o., a large door fittings distributor needed two B2B onlinle stores: a for the range of products, manufactured by Fom and an for only glass products.
One of the largest medical suppliers in the US after launching a new nopCommerce website with custom-made plugins for doctors built from scratch managed to increased orders by 30% and the number of customers by 20%.
National Rifle Association is a registered charity for full-bore rifle and pistol shooting in the UK. Its main objectives are to promote and encourage marksmanship through competition and training.
AMBIO-N connects suppliers and buyers of environmentally sourced materials. It was realized successfully in Sep 2020 and now with the review and qualification of products before publishing on the marketplace helps gain more credibility.
Nation Wide is the national distributor for the hospitality sector. They wanted to build an B2B eCommerce store for a global supply to the wholesalers.
GoldFellow, large gold jewelry manufacturers and distributors in the US, needed to move their business online to serve a national customer base and conduct all transactions online.
Scootaround is the nation’s leading personal transportation solution company providing and repairing scooters and wheelchairs in North America and Europe.
Guardion Health is a specialty health sciences company which required checkout functionalities, wanted to automate manual tasks and sync orders in the eCommerce system with Quickbooks.
Creating an online food supply with the targeted audience consisting of students and teachers. The client wished to reduce the work of users by providing the functionality to repeat meals on selective days.

A*STAR Research Support Centre

Zooloo Information Systems Pte Ltd
A*STAR Research Support Centre provides end-to-end life science products and services and meets all needs of research labs. It wanted to connect all research assets into a B2B online platform and make them available to the community.

Pamboo - We love to care

Pamboo is a Swiss brand for sustainable kids’ and baby clothes founded by the designer Anna Warth in 2015. As the company was expanding its collection and growing business, it became vital for Pamboo to increase brand awareness and boost sales.
eCommerce solution for the leading fragrance distributor in Bangladesh. From nine outlets in big Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet malls to a new online business.
Our Gold solution partner migrated their website from platform version 4.30 to 4.50. The goal was to make the website showcase of the company's development expertise and its product line.
Yilmaz Feinkost wanted a mobile app and a website that have integration with the proprietary ERP system, multi-language support, and the shopping experience for bulk purchases at a real supermarket.
Moto Mader AG wanted to ensure the same quality of service and user experience across its online stores for its customers in European markets. They implemented several new features on its website.
Procosplay, a premium-quality costume and accessories manufacturer and a one-stop shop solution, was aware its website was not optimized for search engines. They contacted nopAccelerate to improve the search engine on their website.
One of Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturers KTM AG requested several changes to its nopCommerce 4.20 website including new functionalities, optimizations, and UI changes.
Gas Gas is a Spanish manufacturer of the off-road motorcycles. They requested the development of several new features and extensive optimizations for the UX on their nopCommerce website.
Dokkaner wanted to rebuild and enhance its existing multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace. Being a consumer-focused brand, it aims to grow its presence in Saudi Arabia and globally.
VMR Truck Parts, an Australian retailer of used parts for many trucks and buses, wanted to develop an online presence toward an online customer base.
Super Liquor boasts a rich and prosperous history in the New Zealand liquor retail industry. Their task was to develop a hyperlocal eCommerce solution for their business and replicate its in-store customer experience by providing a localized online shopping experience based on store selection.
Airloom is a South African home decor business started in 2012. They specialize in selling rugs, carpeting, and flooring materials to consumers who are looking to elevate their home decor. They are a proudly South African brand, serving through their online store as well as their retail outlet in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Star Promotions - Case Study

TMotions Global Limited
Star Promotional Products provides its clients with budget-friendly and top-notch solutions. They aimed to establish a comprehensive solution for its customers by developing an online e-commerce platform. Their objective was to seamlessly integrate suppliers into this platform and ensure the smooth operation of the website.
Always Food Safe sought an extensive renovation of their existing website's UX and optimization of their product management process. Their interstate nature posed a challenge of streamlining state & county-wise product management.
Supertron Electronics as a brand operating in B2B with a huge network of retailers and distributors, needed to connect partners online, eliminate manual processes, and streamline the entire process. They approached Citytech to develop the platform SuperSetu.
Quantumlabs, a major US dental supply company, turned to Citytech with the request to redesign the old website and improve store’s performance. As a result they got 30% sales increase and 25% increase in new customer registrations.
Migration from Prestashop to nopCommerce empowered Maury's growth and enhanced performance. Integration with the management systems and customizations have significantly improved Maury's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Pro Athletics is a leading provider of high-quality uniforms and apparel since 2009. Pro Athletics approached nopStation with the task to optimize their current workflows and operations on the custom .NET-based platform.
Crane Partners AS issues certificates for heavy equipment in Norway's oil industry. nopCommerce platform was used to create a DMS with flexible PDF generation, reporting system, and a dynamic form builder.
Smith Brothers Farms is a local family-owned and operated dairy that has been serving the greater Puget Sound area for more than 90 years. They have over 52,000 active customers whom they deliver the products weekly.
After PressXchange, one of the largest online marketplaces for used printing and press machines, migrated from CS-Cart to nopCommerce, they saw a 50% boost in conversion rate and gathered 176,000 users in the print community.
“Mi Piaace” was born as a food delivery platform to order meals online at home and has become a platform for ordering different services and products. The monthly orders have increased each year once reaching 10,000 managed orders.
Fracción, awarded by Microsoft Startups 2020, is a digital pharmacy in Chile. In 2020, after its migration from Shopify to nopCommerce, it increased its sales by 10 times and orders by 8. By 2021 it has increased its sales by 289%
Othoa became the top B2C eCommerce Marketplace in Bangladesh selling its own-production line and from other merchants.
An extensive product catalog, the product info, and active discounts from the legacy POS System resulted in 0 to 10% of total sales online in 2+ years.
Two companies were looking for a new solution to be prepared for the challenges of the coming years in the eCommerce sector. The new web store should optimally support both B2B and B2C processes.
A challenge was to push the business online with a new solution. It needed a portal with an easy-to-use user experience that facilitated the start of Printing Projects with good communication.
Julehjæ is a non-profit organization that helps Danish families in financial need. It provides families with the needed resources for a joyful Christmas. With the new system, the process became easier for everyone involved in this charitable cause.
The Klikpei is one of the biggest marketplaces in the Solomon Islands. They were eager to have an e-commerce website with a user-friendly interface, covering a wide range of products, and easily supporting manufacturers.
In this case study, we delve into the digital transformation of BC Diesel, a leading provider of diesel engine repairs and performance parts in Surrey, Canada. Celebrating over a decade of service excellence, BC Diesel has carved a niche in servicing Ford, Dodge, and GM light-duty diesel trucks.

Direct Bullion – Case study

TMotions Global Limited
New e-commerce website for a leading UK and international precious metals dealer. The client asked for a smooth payment process and wants to integrate the portal with different API’s.
BigUpGadgets’ smooth transition from Magento to nopCommerce resulted in a significantly optimized eCommerce platform with nearly 2.5x faster load times, more comfortable working process for the administration side and custom applications.
Q-BRICKS is a Slovenian-based company selling 100% compatible bricks made in EU. Their old website proved to be ineffective for store management and B2B sales and they’ve reached out to Stroka Business Group with aim to develop a custom-designed webpage.
Makom sought to unify its dual online store models — business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) — to enhance clarity for individual customers. Stroka Business Group helped them with a significant redesign of the online shop.
LAPP faced a significant challenge in keeping up with the dynamic market demands - the need for an online shop arose to cater to customers without an active relationship, providing them with 24-hour access to prices and stock levels.
MPG - The Eyewear Company from Graz, Austria. The company faced the challenge of integrating different ERPs and managing mixed shopping baskets and reached out to Innovapps to solve this problem.
SnappTrash and Zulu Shack Creative embarked on a mission to revolutionize waste management through innovative technology and seamless user experiences.
xDalys is the largest Lithuanian supplier of used parts for different vehicles. After having upgraded the site, they could extend their database almost twice and add catalog support in three more languages.
The Florida State Golf Association partnered with Spinutech to upgrade their website to a vendor-supported platform that would provide a better user experience for their members.
Datgel provides specialist software, advice, training and support to geotechnical engineering firms worldwide. Dev Partner upgraded the website from custom 1.9 version to 3.8 and implemented the requested features from the scratch.
Doors Direct, one of the prominent distributors of wooden doors and windows in South Africa, upgraded its website to 4.40 and added new features.