Cloudinary CDN Integration by nopStation

Cloudinary CDN Integration by nopStation
Cloudinary plugin brings media-asset management of the content delivery network (CDN) to your nopCommerce site, on which you can improve your site’s performance and user experience with faster page load times and more captivating visual experience.
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Versioni supportate: 4.60, 4.70
Data di creazione: febbraio 27,2023
Ultimo aggiornamento: maggio 31,2024

Cloudinary is a popular content optimization service provider whose CDN solutions are used by many global businesses. Cloudinary offers an industry-leading media optimization experience through AI, automation, and media processing technologies. Utilizing Cloudinary services can help improve your site's performance and media management capabilities.

Cloudinary CDN Integration

If you want to enable Cloudinary CDN services for your online business powered by nopCommerce, then nopStation is here with its Cloudinary CDN integration plugin for nopCommerce. This CDN integration plugin lets you integrate Cloudinary services with your online store for efficient media management. This plugin lets you optimize your website's images by offloading them through Cloudinary's CDN and media management tools. This enables you to optimize images for your products, CSS, and JavaScript. This reduces resource load on your website and improves loading time and performance exponentially.

  • Image offload and optimization for entities such as product images for faster loading
  • Image offload to the cloud for images in nopCommerce website CSS
  • Image offload to the cloud for images in nopCommerce website JavaScript
  • Extensive media format support for images, videos including 3D images, PDF, PSV, AVIF etc.
  • Auto generate quired pictures (thumbnails)
  • Multi-store supported
  • Easy installation and configuration

Integrate Cloudinary services on your online storefront with nopStation’s Cloudinary CDN Integration plugin for nopCommerce. Don't forget to checkout one of our other CDN integration plugins, Amazon S3 and CDN Integration

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