Cottrell Printing: A strong online presence for a family-owned print needs business

Cottrell Printing: A strong online presence for a family-owned print needs business
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40+ existing customers successfully transitioned to new portal approach


Cottrell Printing has been serving Denver's print needs for over 50 years!

A family-owned business focusing on high quality service and long-term relationships. Cottrell Printing is an old school business where their relationships have historic value with loyal returning customers.

Due to the pandemic, Cottrell Printing learned how important it was to have a strong online presence. Their challenge was to push their presence online with a new web solution. It would need a portal with an easy-to-use user experience that would allow them to facilitate the start of Printing Projects while keeping good communication.

While Cottrell Printing did have an old website, naturally they wanted to revamp the brand and show off their catalog as well with a new look and feel.

Zulu Shack Creative, a nopCommerce Silver partner, was commissioned to create Cottrell’s new website with a fully customized portal.

Zulu Shack Creative knew the nopCommerce platform with inhouse customizations and plugins would be the perfect solution.


Zulu Shack Creative created a sound and easy to use solution, that has been described as “on point” and “extremely helpful” by Cottrell Printing.

ZSC Custom Projects Plugin: Zulu Shack Creative made use of the nopCommerce to facilitate user management, we took it a step further by creating an in-house plugin, to facilitate the creation and management of Print Projects.

Extending Notes and Messaging nopCommerce Features: By tying in nopCommerce role permissions and extending the notes features with email templates the inline communication, the solution is working extremely well and keeping users engaged on the site.

File Uploader Extension: Zulu Shack Creative also extended the file uploader functionality with a drag and drop solution, making it easier for users to drag and drop multiple images for their projects. Images can be downloaded and uploaded by admin to proof work and offer revisions within a project.

Dynamic Forms Plugin: We also used our Zulu Shack Creative Dynamic Form plugin, a plugin used to allow users to easily make contact with the store owners. Dynamic Forms plugin is a fully customizable form builder, that records entries and can be assigned to HTML widget zones. All entries can be viewed on the back end, we also allow the Store Owners to fully customize their notifications. Custom Slick Slider Plugin: Zulu Shack Creative further created a custom slick slider plugin, that has the ability to create engaging sliders using the JavaScript Slick Slider. Check out the pop on these sliders!


While we await some true ROI figures in phase 2 of the project. We can say this project is a huge success in proving how old businesses have a place online. And manual processes can be upgraded and automated with a good custom nopCommerce solution.

The addition of a modern web solution has increased rapport with their clients and given these users confidence that this family business will be around for many more years to come.

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