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Zulu Shack Creative is a digital media company based in the United States, that provides creative services and solutions. This includes website development, custom themes, plugins, branding and marketing packages for businesses that want to make an impact online.

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Development and Customization

1. Development and Customization

Our motto in the dev team is, “If you can think it, there is a high chance we can create it”, something our highly skilled development team at Zulu Shack Creative have proved time and time again. We have helped our clients achieve smooth user experiences with powerful functionality. Here are some cool things we have coded on the NOP architecture:

  • Powerful ‘portal-feel’ User Account Dashboards
  • Meal Delivery Solutions with automated meal scheduling and ordering
  • Custom subscription models and carts for unique needs
  • Offer Systems - the ability for users to make offers, accept and decline when buying and selling products
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace systems (think Etsy)
  • Multi-user, multi-level permission systems
  • Custom Reporting and Email Templates
  • In-house Custom Plugins : Improving FedEx Integrations, Age restriction pop-ups, Facebook Pixel and Google AdWords enhancements, Meal Calendars for Food Delivery to name a few
  • Custom Theme Development

For Custom Theme Development we have many ways we can help, from PSD to NOP, HTML to NOP or totally custom, we can design a unique design and take it though a complete design life cycle.

Web Design

2. Web Design

Zulu Shack Creative’s Design and User Experience (UX) Team knows the importance of a solid design, while pushing brand awareness through various media mediums. Our Web Design and Design services:

  • Custom Website Design
  • Improving design on existing websites
  • Theme Design improvements and Brand integrations
  • Email Template Design
  • PDF Design templates (e.g. Invoice and Orders)
  • Landing Page Designs
  • Custom Icons and Fonts
  • Logos
  • Social Media Kits
Third-Party Integrations and Plugins

3. Third-Party Integrations and Plugins

Zulu Shack Creative has helped a lot of customers with custom solutions, almost always this involves some sort of Third-Party integration. We are happy to note that we have successfully integrated with existing plugins and API’s and also created our own. Some in-house plugins we have created:

  • FedEx Enhancements Plugin : for Labeling and Document Generation
  • Authorize.net Enhancement Plugin : ability to cate for multiple Authorize.net accounts for multi-vendor sites
  • Age Verification Plugin : customizable pop up and age restriction plugin for Marijuana businesses
  • Carmd and VIN look up Plugin : tailored to the car industry
  • Unbounce Leads Plugin : successfully receive leads from Unbounce

4. SEO

Zulu Shack Creative provides digital marketing services by use of long term strategies to ensure your product and services reach the eyes and ears of your target audience. We are constantly keeping on top of SEO developments and tailor the NOP solutions we work on to fit this ever changing landscape. We have developed a handful of in house plugins that take improve Sharing tools for Social Media and others to enhance content and URL Structures.

Marketing Automation

5. Marketing Automation

Although we like to be hands on for the most part we also help our clients put Automations in place to generate leads and brand awareness via automation. We have successfully integrated Scheduled Email Campaigns with popular systems like Send Gric and Mail Chimp. We are push detailed views to Google Ad Words and Facebook through custom code data layers, which helps our clients view the exact information and target markets they are focused on. Zulu Shack Creative can advise and help you create an amazing presence online. We always says getting a brand new website is fun, it is like getting a new exotic car. But what use is this car if you keep it in your garage? We believe in the bigger picture, fueling your vehicle with SEO and Marketing, maintaining and modifying it for extra performance by plugin enhancements and tests. We want you to enjoy the process and cruise to new territories. In life and business nothing is forever, but why not push it as best we can take it to the max and successfully enjoy what the landscapes have to offer.

Email: [email protected]
Sales: [email protected]
Phone : +1.561.299.4828
United States
2391 NW 89th Drive Suite 412, Coral Springs, Florida 33432

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