Re-Payment (Retry Payment) Plugin

Re-Payment (Retry Payment) Plugin
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Repayment plugins enable customers to utilize various payment methods for settling their orders after they have been placed, eliminating the need to cancel and create a new order within the e-commerce store.
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Versiones soportadas: 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Creado: octubre 30,2023
Última actualización: diciembre 05,2023
Support Payment Method

The Re-Payment plugin only supports retrying payments for orders placed using the Redirection (Hosted Payment) Payment method at checkout. It does not support retrying payments for orders placed using the Payment Button or Standard payment methods.

Why should use Re-Payment Plug-in?

Increased sales: The plugin can help to increase sales by making it easier for customers to complete their purchases.

Increased customer satisfaction: By allowing customers to retry their payment if it fails, the plugin helps to reduce the number of abandoned carts and increase customer satisfaction.

Reduced workload for store owners: The plugin can help to reduce the workload for store owners by eliminating the need to manually refund and re-process orders with failed payments.


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    Allows customers to retry their payment with a different payment method if their original payment fails during hosted/redirect checkout.

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    Supports retrying payments for orders placed using the selected Standard / Button payment method. if it simple like Cash on delivery, PO Order, Cheque Money order etc

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    Easy to use for both customers and store owners.

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    Configurable by store owners to select which Standard/Button payment methods are available for retries.

How it Work

The plugin is easy to use for both customers and store owners. To use the plugin, customers simply need to click on a "Retry Payment" button on the order detail page if their original payment fails. They will then be taken to a page where they can select a new payment method and enter their payment information.

For store owners, the plugin is easy to configure and manage. Store owners can choose to enable or disable the plugin, and they can also choose which Standard or Button payment methods are available for retries.  

Overall, the Re-Payment (Retry Payment) Plugin for nopCommerce is a valuable tool for both customers and store owners.

The plugin can help to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce the workload for store owners.


Fully localizable using external XML files

Multi-store support

Fast support

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase

Theme Supported

Easy setup

ZakHolland41 9/11/2023 23:24
Best Plugin!!
I'm using this extension. It's so easy to use.
One of the best integrations for manage payment fail issue on eCommerce store.
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Thanks Holland for your feedback.
ReeceKemp001 7/11/2023 1:53
Excellent Customer Support and Reduced Order Cancellations, Great plugin!!
We have multiple payment methods in our store, and there are many times when payments fail with two payment gateways. This forced us to cancel orders or require customers to create new orders with different payment methods.

We configured this plugin three days ago, and within this short period, we have noticed a reduction in canceled orders and an increase in customers making payments with alternative payment methods instead of creating new orders.

This is a really good plugin, and the nopCypher team provides great support within a short period.
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Thanks Reece your review and feedback.