Upgrade 4.2 to 4.5

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Plugins for 4.40 will work with all minor versions (4.4.1, 4.4.2 etc). They will not work with 4.50, same as plugins for 4.30 won’t work with 4.40.

Minor releases don’t generally make breaking changes, and if they do, the team would announce it so plugin developers could make work arounds, but so far, breaking changes have been left for major releases.
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I've compared files of Libraries\Nop.Data\Migrations\*.* from 4.3, 4.5. and 4.5 source and as far as I can see, the migrations of previous versions are included. So I think it should be ok to run the scripts of 4.3 and then switch directly to 4.5. But of course it would be great if we had an official statement or reference in the documentation.
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Can anybody confirm that?
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Yes it does work that way
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I don't have a complete understanding and hoping somebody can explain it to me a little better....

I have a site that is running 3.80 that needs to be upgraded to 4.50.
I have all the upgrade scripts:  3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, and 4.30..

I was under the impression that it was no longer necessary to run upgrade scripts on version 4.40 and newer, but in the assets at github, I see upgrade scripts available for each minor version of 4.40... (https://github.com/nopSolutions/nopCommerce/releases?page=1)

Do I need to execute each of those 4.40 minor upgrade scripts AND the upgrade script for version 4.50 in order to reach version 4.50 successfully?
Or...once I'm at 4.30, do I just need to run the 4.50 upgrade script?

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If you have a look in these files nopCommerce_4.50.1_UpgradeScripts, etc they are just text files that explain the process. They don’t do anything

So yes there are no scripts to run after v4.3 and the migrations of the database in each version after that is done in the code. So it will migrate from v4.3 to v4.4 or v4.3 to v4.5 automatically.

That is provided the database is not customised. Also sometimes there is some old data that causes problems with the migration.
If there are issues check the Stdout log files to see the problem.
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Doh! I didn't notice the small filesizes of those!
Okay, thanks!