6 key steps for writing brand stories that emotionally connect with your users

6 key steps for writing brand stories that emotionally connect with your users

Emotions play a larger role in our decision making than we sometimes realize. They will – either consciously or subconsciously - impact who a customer acts and reacts to your brand and offer. This is true of all businesses, no matter what product or service is being sold. Dependent on the emotional connection, the customer will react accordingly.

Find your raison d'être

In order to begin telling your brand story, you've got to start being reflexive about your company and why it came to be. Answer a few questions, and be honest about them, so you can start getting your story written:

  • What purpose are you serving?
  • What are your priorities?
  • How are you different than your competitors?

Keep your story on message and to the point, using Easy Word Count to stay on top of your word count. When you discover the essence of your own existence, you can begin to tell your authentic brand story. Every company has a different story to tell, and it's in those differences where emotional connections can be built. And, stay connected to your customer base with the help of Buffer, to manage all of your social media outlets, schedule posts and track the performance of your content.

Write your history

Once you know why your company came into existence, you can put together the how. What events came together to push you forward, or even possibly set you back. Each component of your history is an important factor in how you exist presently, shaping you along the way. Build trust with your customers by being honest about that history and the obstacles you've had to overcome. An honest story can do a lot to connect with customers on an emotional level and build a trusting relationship with them. Big Assignments or Oxessays are there to help you compose that story in the most authentic and engaging way possible.

Who are the characters in your story?

The characters of any story are what push the narrative forward and direct things in a certain way. Determine who the main characters of your brand story are, and detail how their influence – whether positive or negative – impacted the overall story. Build a more connected relationship with your customer base by using Rapportive to add LinkedIn profiles of the characters in your story to the emails you're sending them.

What mission are you on?

Almost hand-in-hand with your reason for being is your brand mission. That is, what your company sets out to achieve and the values it lives by. A family-oriented travel business, for example, shouldn't be planning adult-only booze cruises or anything of the sort that would be counter to their mission. Help with writing your brand mission can be found from the professional team at Resumention.

What are your failures?

If there's a business that says they've never experienced any sort of failures, chances are they're lying about it. It's almost inevitable to come up against some type of failure somewhere in your brand story. Failure, after all, is what causes us to change, make improvements and come out on the other side with more knowledge and experience than before. Your authentic brand story needs to include the failures, not just the successes you've had, in order to truly gain the trust of your customers. But, don't let your failures be the grammatical and spelling mistakes within your text. Eliteassignmenthelp or Cite it in can give you a hand with editing, to keep your story free from those errors.

Although you're being honest about the failures you've had, you don't want incorrect or undue negative information circulating about your brand. Let Mention scour the web for instances where your brand, industry and competitors are talked about, to see what's being said. When Google needs a little cleaning up, Brand Yourself will help you improve your online image and eliminate unwanted Google results.

Don't avoid the gaps

Sometimes there will be gaps in your history that should be highlighted. Whether it was a slow year for business, or you took a year off to travel the world, make those 'gaps' known. “Oftentimes, we try to brush over anything that appears to be negative, but it's usually within those gaps that we do the most growth and the most interesting things happen” – explains Marion Combs, a Brand Manager and Huffingtonpost business writer.

Customers want to know that they can trust the brands and companies they are using. This is especially true for companies where trust is a must – such as car manufacturers, travel businesses, and healthcare providers. Build up that trust with an authentic and honest brand story that evokes emotion and creates a connection between your brand and your customers.



Gloria Kopp is an eCommerce marketing consultant and a content writer at Paper Fellows. She write professional advice columns at Microsoft and Australian Help blogs. Gloria is an author of Studydemic blog where she writes her guides and reviews with students and educators.

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