Automotive eCommerce platform: Effectively sell auto parts and vehicles

Create spare parts and car eCommerce websites with nopCommerce and become an industry leader. The eCommerce platform’s explicit and manifold functionality enables vehicle and car parts online stores to start and rise B2B and B2C sales.

Your automotive eCommerce solution powered by nopCommerce will have:

An excellent customer experience of a car and parts eCommerce store:

  • a user-friendly filter system: “YMM (Year-Make-Model) / Engine / VIN/ License Plate”.
  • Intuitive navigation and product catalog.
  • The smart search instantly finds the desired product among an enormous online store assortment.
  • Related product recommendations based on the YMM of the client’s car.
  • Showing universal car parts for the car make and model with no regard to the chosen submodel.
  • Once a customer enters their car’s YMM, the My Garage function enables only showing relevant products during all future sessions and on all site pages.
  • Built-in one-page checkout makes order processing faster and more convenient from the customer’s perspective.
  • Integration with the most popular eCommerce shipping solutions allows customers to receive items quicker, easier, and cheaper.

Mobile app and responsive website design tailored to meet automotive specifics.

The advanced eCommerce SEO settings help your website stay ahead of your competitors in the search results.

Auto parts ecommerce platform

The multi-store eCommerce function enables creating of several stores for different brands or product groups (cars, heavy-duty vehicles, new or used products) and managing them via a single management dashboard.

Global eCommerce. Support of multi-currency, international payment systems and shipping services, compliance with GDPR, and all European Union laws allow selling your products worldwide.

Fast and straightforward product assortment management with thousands of SKUs for your automotive eCommerce solution:

  • Import automation for car parts and accessories from any eCommerce PIM, ERP, or WMS software.
  • Real-time display of current prices and delivery timelines by interacting with suppliers’ APIs.
  • Real-time display of remaining stocks, taking into account offline sales.
  • Bulk import of the shopping catalog, pictures, product attributes and specifications, meta tags, prices, and other categories in .xls format.
  • Integration with reference manuals to select parts for a specific car.

Automation of routine processes like abandoned cart and unpaid order reminders, transaction emails, delivery notifications, and a lot more.

Car parts online shopping

The omnichannel commerce system allows for a personal approach to clients regardless of purchase place or communication channel.

Built-in advanced business reporting and analytics, as well as integrations with leading business intelligence systems such as Microsoft Power BI and others.

High failure tolerance, safety, and performance are achieved by using the latest Microsoft technologies, web farms support, asynchronous methods, and flexible and scalable nopCommerce architecture.

Convenience not only for individuals but B2B automotive clients as well:

  • Payments via wire transfer. B2B invoices can be viewed and paid online.
  • Automatic generation and emailing of accounting and financial documents to your clients: invoices, transaction emails, delivery documents, and more.
  • Setting corporate, volume, product, and any other discounts within your loyalty program.
Online car parts store

An access control list enables clearly distinguished access to different sections of the management dashboard between your different departments and vendors, maintaining your clients’ data confidentiality and ruling out the risk that someone breaks something.

Automating the calculation of taxes and delivery costs via popular third-party services: Avalara, FedEx, UPS, and others.

The eCommerce multi-vendor and dropshipping functions enable vehicle and auto parts eCommerce marketplaces to display maximum products on the storefront with no surplus in the warehouse.

Car parts store

Live shops

Look at some live examples of B2B and B2C automotive eCommerce stores powered by nopCommerce and do it even better.

Creating a car and auto parts eCommerce website with nopCommerce is easier than you think

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FAQs on car eCommerce features:

What platform is the best for automotive eCommerce websites?

To create a profitable vehicle and auto parts eCommerce store, nopCommerce is the best choice. It provides all necessary features: the Year-Make-Model search, import automation from any PIM, ERP, or WMS system, and real-time stock display even with offline sales.

Moreover, nopCommerce has a broad functionality that covers most business requirements, which can be found on the Features page.

How to add the Year-Make-Model search feature to a car and spare parts eCommerce store?

The Year-Make-Model filtering system is available by installing the Selling Spare Parts plugin in the nopCommerce platform. This integration also enables merchants to create a new entity called “vehicle”, so customers may purchase spare parts that are connected to customers’ cars

Is nopCommerce suitable to sell aftermarket and OEM parts?

Due to advanced inventory management with real-time display of stock, the Year-Make-Model filtering, and many other helpful features, nopCommerce is a perfect solution for selling any kind of parts (OEM and aftermarket).

There are many auto parts eCommerce stores that are based on the nopCommerce platform. You can see them on the Showcase page.

Why market leaders choose nopCommerce

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High quality and reliability of nopCommerce have been proven by experience and ten thousands of successful stories: 12 years of experience in the eCommerce market, 60,000+ successful live stores, 150+ partners from 40+ countries.

High scalability, safety, and performance have been achieved by using the latest Microsoft technologies, well-known architectural patterns and the best security practices.

The open-source code and pluggable architecture of nopCommerce will ensure 100% fulfillment of any business requirements for the eCommerce website.

nopCommerce has powerful integral functionality that covers 99% of business needs of eCommerce store owners.

The cherry on top - you can use all built-in nopCommerce features absolutely free.