eCommerce platform for selling industrial and scientific products

nopCommerce is an open source enterprise software for creating B2B, D2C, and B2C eCommerce shops, dealer portals, and marketplaces tailored to the specific needs of industrial, scientific, and manufacturing companies.

nopCommerce perfectly comprises features for B2B and B2C sales

Promotion of your products and customer loyalty rise:

  • Size and color, price, weight, images, stock level, delivery options and other product attributes can be mentioned and customized to highlight product’s competitive advantages.
  • Checkout attributes feature is available, so clients may note any custom requirements for the order, such as engraving.
  • FAQ and related products blocks help customers dive deeper into assortment and raise an online store’s credibility.
  • Possibility for uploading specifications, design documentation, or any other documents for custom orders, as well as product certificates and licenses to prove product or service's capacity.

Configurable pricing tools

  • Real-time display of current prices by integrating with suppliers’ APIs.
  • “Call for price” function for custom or unconventional orders.
  • Tier prices for bundle and grouped products.
  • Volume-based discounts, setting minimum and maximum thresholds.
  • Possibility for setting any business logic for price calculation and display.
Construction e-commerce

Complex eCommerce order and assortment management systems

  • Automation of product imports from any eCommerce PIM, ERP, WMS software (e.g., SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Infor, and many others).
  • Real-time display of remaining stocks, taking into account offline sales.
  • Import of the shopping catalog, pictures, product attributes and specifications, meta tags, prices, and other categories in .xls format.
  • The platform supports multiple warehouse feature that can be individually configured.
  • With one-page checkout your customers make orders more efficiently and conveniently.

Sustainable payment, delivery and tax calculation methods

  • Digital payments via wire transfer, ACH transfer, and other forms that are fully compliant with PCI DSS and all security requirements. B2B customers can view, track, and pay their invoices online.
  • Automatic generation and emailing of accounting and financial documents to your clients: invoices, transaction emails, delivery documents, and more.
  • The calculation of delivery costs is processed via popular third-party services: FedEx, UPS, and others.
  • Online shop taxes are automatically calculated with the Avalara plugin.
e-commerce for construction materials

The multi-store and multi-vendor functions allow creating a dealer portal, marketplace, stores for different product groups (for instance, B2B and D2C) and managing all the websites via a single management dashboard.

eCommerce marketing for your products and for customer loyalty rise

  • Cross-selling, up-selling and related products suggestions increase average cart value.
  • Mobile app and responsive website design improve customer experience and distinguish you from competitors.
  • The advanced SEO settings help you stay ahead of your competitors in the search results.
  • Integration with professional email marketing tools establishes in-person communication with clients and allows automating notifications on an abandoned cart, sale starts, discounts, and much more.
Scientific online store

Access control list enables clearly distinguished access to different sections of the management dashboard between your different departments and vendors, keeping your clients’ data confidential.

Built-in advanced business reporting and analytics, as well as integrations with leading business intelligence systems, such as Microsoft Power BI and others.

Global eCommerce. Support of multi-currency, international payment systems and shipping services, compliance with GDPR and all European Union laws allow selling your products worldwide.

Live shops

Look at some B2B and B2C eCommerce live examples of stores powered by nopCommerce and do it even better.

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High quality and reliability of nopCommerce have been proven by experience and ten thousands of successful stories: 12 years of experience in the eCommerce market, 60,000+ successful live stores, 150+ partners from 40+ countries.

High scalability, safety, and performance have been achieved by using the latest Microsoft technologies, well-known architectural patterns and the best security practices.

The open-source code and pluggable architecture of nopCommerce will ensure 100% fulfillment of any business requirements for the eCommerce website.

nopCommerce has powerful integral functionality that covers 99% of business needs of eCommerce store owners.

The cherry on top - you can use all built-in nopCommerce features absolutely free.