Certified developer program

nopCommerce certified developer program allows you to get official recognition of your development skills, gain competitive advantage, and attract more clients
Certified developer program
Get the official recognition of your skills from the nopCommerce team

The certification in brief

Our certification is an online exam. To pass the exam, it is required to score 80% or more. Upon passing the exam, a developer is given the Specialist certificate and awarded the Certified Developer badge.

The exam fee is $100 and is non-refundable. To apply for the exam, a developer should buy an online exam voucher. The voucher can be used at any convenient time, so it is not necessary to buy it right before the exam. In case of failure to pass the exam, the developer is allowed to retake it for an additional fee anytime.

Benefits of the certification

  • .Proving your competence

    Official recognition of your skills from the nopCommerce team shows the reliability of yours or your agency services to the clients and gives you a competitive advantage.

  • .Attracting more clients

    nopCommerce certified developers get more trust from the clients. This status becomes an additional reason for the clients to prefer you or your company to do the project.

  • .Advancing your career

    Being a certified specialist, you can find better opportunities in the job market and quickly advance in your existing job.

  • .For solution partners

    With certified developers in your team, you stay visible on Solution partners web page when the customer filters the vendors by the number of certified developers. Become more noticeable for clients by getting higher on the partners’ page as each developer boosts your company’s rating.

On successful certification you receive

The nopCommerce certified developer certificate (PDF version).

The certified developer Badge, it will be added to your profile on our forums.

Mention on the official nopCommerce site on the certification directory page.


Everyone can take the exam, but we strongly recommend a candidate to have:

  • .Solid understanding of the .NET Framework and ASP.NET MVC development
  • .Experience in frontend development
  • .Experience in design and development of nopCommerce powered shops

Certification process

  • .After completing an application form, the invitation to take the exam will be sent to the email indicated in the form within 24 hours
  • .The exam will be taken online
  • .The exam must be completed in one session
  • .The length of the session is 60 minutes
  • .The exam is an open-book type
  • .The entire exam consists of 50 questions
  • .80% of correct answers grant the certificate

Find the list of certified specialists in the certification directory.