Why .NET developers choose nopCommerce for eCommerce development

The powerful built-in eCommerce features and unlimited customization of nopCommerce allow .NET developers to create eCommerce websites of any complexity.

Since 2008 the professional team has been developing and supporting nopCommerce
More than 250,000 active developers worldwide
Over 3,000,000 downloads from the official website only

Free and open-source software for eCommerce website development

Based on the latest eCommerce development technologies and services

  • Support for the latest .NET versions makes nopCommerce a cross-platform solution, meaning it can be developed and run on Windows, Linux, or macOS. The latest nopCommerce release is based on .NET 7.

  • nopCommerce can be easily connected to different database engines - Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • The nopCommerce source code utilizes only popular, reliable, and fast third-party libraries. Our technology stack is based on such modern database layer libraries as Linq2DB and FluentMigrator.

  • It's easy to set up load balancing and web farms. You can also connect to Redis to boost your site performance.

  • nopCommerce supports Docker.
  • nopCommerce users have full control over the source code of the eCommerce platform and can deploy nopCommerce however they want.

  • Our GitHub repository is public and provides the latest version of nopCommerce in real-time.

Integrated with thousands of eCommerce services

The nopCommerce Marketplace has many payment, shipping, marketing, and other integrations, as well as designed themes. Each extension is subject to a quality review by the nopCommerce team. In case, you have a developed plugin or template, you can upload and sell them via the Marketplace.

Safe and secure eCommerce platform

Although Microsoft's ASP.NET Core framework brings built-in security, nopCommerce is packed with additional security features, including SSL support, high administration area protection, anti-spam tools, fraud prevention tools, a strong customer password policy, multi-factor authentication support.

Made to fit any eCommerce business requirements

  • nopCommerce is fully extensible, stable, and highly scalable eCommerce software based on cross-platform .NET.

  • Advanced SEO settings: SEO-friendly and localizable URLs, forming sitemaps, microdata for SEO, breadcrumbs, URL canonicalization, and much more.

  • nopCommerce meets all PCI Compliance requirements. 50+ integrated eCommerce payment methods and gateways to transmit credit card data securely.

  • The platform is ready-to-run on Microsoft Azure. This allows you to build solutions designed to scale and grow easily.

  • nopCommerce has a huge variety of out-of-the-box features. It covers all the known eCommerce needs.

  • The pluggable eCommerce platform architecture makes it easy to develop custom functionality and follow any business requirements.

  • All methods in nopCommerce are async which helps to achieve an excellent performance.

Flexible headless solution

Thanks to the Web API plugin, nopCommerce complies with all requirements of headless commerce architecture. The platform can serve as a perfect back-end solution to interact with any third-party services (CMS, ERPs, PIMs, POS), custom front-end solutions, or mobile apps.

Easy to learn and get support

  • nopCommerce online course for developers allows quickly getting the practical and technical skills you need to run and customize nopCommerce websites of any complexity.

  • Clear and detailed documentation for developers will help you to start with nopCommerce in no time.
  • The nopCommerce core development team provides professional support within 24 hours.

  • Friendly members of the nopCommerce community will always give some advice and share their experiences.

  • nopCommerce has its own MVPs (most valuable person) who are always willing to support and advise you on various tasks and challenges.

  • nopCommerce follows well-known software design patterns.

  • The architecture of nopCommerce pursues the separation of concerns principle, which helps us to keep the growing codebase organized so that developers can easily find where a particular functionality is implemented.

The platform with a great performance out of the box

To date, nopCommerce powers large stores that work exceptionally well, and our own store demo gets 100 out of 100 at Google PageSpeed.

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