Best B2B eCommerce software to create a strong digital presence

With our B2B eCommerce solution, you get open-source flexibility and enterprise features out-of-the-box. The platform supports B2B, B2B2C, B2X, multi-store, multi-vendor and marketplace selling options. It's a perfect choice for wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors all over the world.

Boost your sales using the most powerful B2B eCommerce platform features:

Order management that is convenient for your business

  • Easy integration with the CRM, PIM, ERP, WMS that you use in just a few clicks.
  • Support and management of recurring payments and invoices of your customers.
  • Send order updates to your clients instantly and automatically.
  • Accept the necessary documentation from customers and attach it to orders.
  • Integrations with many popular payment methods.
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Global B2B eCommerce. Support of multi-currency, multi-languages, compliance with GDPR and all European Union laws allow selling your products worldwide.

With the multi-store eCommerce feature, create many online stores and web pages for different types of businesses, product groups or promotions (B2B and B2C stores, wholesale, product promotion landing pages) and manage them in a single vendor dashboard.

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B2B eCommerce marketing automation of processes and promotions, including abandoned cart, unpaid order reminders, transaction emails, delivery notifications, special offers and many other notifications.

Configurable tools to improve eCommerce customer service

  • Promotion tools like coupons and gift cards may be configured for different consumer behaviors.
  • Enable and configure your one-page checkout, SKU-based order forms and mini shopping cart.
  • Access control list may differentiate an assortment for various customers, and book products or set specific conditions for your regular customers.
  • Place contact forms in your eCommerce store for partners and quote requests for customers.
  • Attach any documents to a product page.
  • FAQ and related products blocks for customers to dive into a catalog and increase a store's credibility.

Multi-vendor marketplace solution that is built in nopCommerce allows eCommerce store owners to raise revenue without obtaining and storing additional products. With the dropshipping feature comes an opportunity to sell more products by other vendors.

High safety and performance are achieved by using the latest Microsoft technologies, web farms support, asynchronous methods, flexible and scalable architecture; nopCommerce meets all PCI compliance requirements.

The multichannel and omnichannel commerce systems allow B2B web stores to provide a personal approach to customers from various purchase and communication channels, and manage sales from a single admin panel.

B2B SEO tools enable you to technically optimize your website, so your search results rank is higher than your competitors.

Advanced B2B eCommerce solution

  • Unlimited product quantity, including digital products with limitless specifications and attributes.
  • Bulk import and export of product data in .xls format that ease the assortment planning.
  • Create and customize customer roles for account-based marketing, communication and other business purposes.
  • Tier-pricing and “call for price” allow you to set special prices for specific amounts of a product.
  • Multi-warehouse support helps store owners manage product flows and real-time stock display from multiple storage facilities.

Automating the calculation of taxes and shipping costs via popular third-party services: Avalara, FedEx, UPS, and others. These services also provide documentation help, as well as labeling and pickup for your shipments.

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Built-in business analytics and reporting on the dashboard supported by integrations with leading business intelligence systems, such as Microsoft Power BI, etc.

Mobile eCommerce and responsive website design tailored to help your customers reach products and any order information from portable devices at any time.

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FAQs on B2B eCommerce features:

What are the challenges of B2B wholesale eCommerce?

Wholesale eCommerce is a model of selling goods and services online to businesses rather than to individual consumers. It is often used by manufacturers and distributors who sell their products to retailers or other businesses in bulk and at a discount.

There are several key differences between wholesale eCommerce and B2B eCommerce. First, wholesale transactions are typically much larger in value. Second, wholesalers typically offer a wider range of products. Finally, wholesale eCommerce businesses often have different shipping and delivery requirements.

nopCommerce as a full-fledged B2B eCommerce system covers all these needs. It allows you to upload an unlimited number of SKUs in a bunch (easily export and import bulk data); create tier-prices for different products and customer roles; support the multi-warehouse feature to manage product flows from many storage facilities.

What is B2B2C and how does it differ from B2B?

B2B2C, or business-to-business-to-consumer, is a type of business model in which a company sells products or services to another business, which in turn sells them to consumers. Despite obvious advantages (like a chance to tap into new markets and reach new customers, build stronger relationships with their customers), a B2B2C model makes it difficult to manage different channels due to greater complexity.

A B2B2C eCommerce platform is a type of online marketplace that aims to solve these issues. If you want to sell products to consumers, you will need consumer-facing features such as a shopping cart and customer reviews. On the other hand, if you are looking to sell services to businesses, you require business-facing features such as invoicing and quotes. With nopCommerce, you’ll get both rolled into one, and will be able to set your B2B webshop whatever you need.

What manufacturers expect from B2B commerce software?

Manufacturers produce items on a large scale and need a robust B2B eCommerce architecture to sell their products to other manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors. This solution should put a D2C approach on the B2B railways, provide consistent omnichannel experiences, and integrability to streamline supply-chain operations.

nopCommerce offers such B2B features as customer-specific price lists, multiple product catalogs, corporate account structures, quote-to-order purchasing options, powerful search and filtering capabilities – everything to help manufacturers thrive in today's competitive market.

Is there a B2B eCommerce platform suitable for distributors?

Distributors provide the link between manufacturers and retailers, ensuring that products are available to consumers in a timely and efficient manner. However, they face unique challenges when it comes to eCommerce. Their customer base is typically spread out across a wide geographic area, which can make it difficult to reach them all via traditional methods. Additionally, distributors often deal with large volumes of inventory, which can be difficult to manage online.

Yet, a robust platform can help reach new markets, streamline eCommerce management systems and make it easier to process orders. The key to success is to operate multiple warehouses and selling points through a single admin panel. nopCommerce provides you with all these features, plus flexible account settings to provide your customers with different payment options or credit limits.

Why market leaders choose nopCommerce

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High quality and reliability of nopCommerce have been proven by experience and ten thousands of successful stories: 12 years of experience in the eCommerce market, 60,000+ successful live stores, 150+ partners from 40+ countries.

High scalability, safety, and performance have been achieved by using the latest Microsoft technologies, well-known architectural patterns and the best security practices.

The open-source code and pluggable architecture of nopCommerce will ensure 100% fulfillment of any business requirements for the eCommerce website.

nopCommerce has powerful integral functionality that covers 99% of business needs of eCommerce store owners.

The cherry on top - you can use all built-in nopCommerce features absolutely free.