The most suitable eCommerce platform to sell Food online

nopCommerce is perfectly designed for food and drinks eCommerce stores that lead the market.

As online grocery and ready to eat markets are evolving, nopCommerce combines logistics, inventory, marketing and many other features in one platform for food online stores. Any retailer can sell perishable and imperishable food and beverages online after installing our eCommerce store software.

Solution for Food eCommerce by nopCommerce has:

Smart product suggestions feature

  • Promote seasonal, festive or specialty food and meal compilations.
  • Cross-selling compilations and related products on each step of shopping: from product page to checkout.
  • Your online Food & Beverage shop collects data of shopping history and preferences of each registered customer, so suggestions may occur at specific days and time periods, as well as in marketing campaigns.
  • Smart search suggestions based on keywords.

Omnichannel commerce feature enables to improve overall sales and collect data.

  • Using omnichannel marketing customers can shop online and pick an order up in a store promoting your Point of Sale (Online2Offline).
  • nopCommerce can be integrated with Google Shopping and Facebook Shop, and can automatically market and manage sales.
  • Transfer product data to around 65 selling platforms based on preconfigured templates.
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Marketplace and dropshipping platform’s features allows store owners to attract food and beverage producers and brands with control of their platform access.

Automated and preconfigured marketing processes

  • Send newsletters to your customers that are personalised by AI.
  • Advertise your assortment via Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads plugins with ability to transfer product data to the promotion tools.
  • Install your Facebook pixel without swarming into the root folder.
  • Promote your Facebook account by placing on-page feed posts.
  • Raise customer loyalty with affiliate, referral and reward marketing, as well as with coupons and gift cards.

Automation of tax, payment and shipping processes

  • Calculate your eCommerce taxes by Avalara’s solution automatically.
  • Accept different international payments, as well as mobile wallets. Some of them have a “buy now, pay later” and recurring payments features.
  • Shipping is automatically calculated and organized by well-known logistics solutions.
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Global eCommerce. Support of multi-currency, compliance with GDPR and all European Union laws allow selling your products worldwide.

eCommerce SEO tools of nopCommerce can improve its position in the search results with accessible meta-data edit and technical configuration.

Online grocery website

Instant order formation and inventory tracking

  • Compatibility with eCommerce softwares, such as ERP, WMS and PIM, for the Food & Beverage market enables store owners to effectively collect, interpret and forecast sales.
  • Your storage’s condition and instant customer’s preferences are accessible in customer reports and dashboard, and can help to automate catalogs and menus.
  • Order management of nopCommerce enables control steps of an order and demonstrates details to customers with notifications and delivery maps.
  • Multiple warehouses are supported and directly connected to product pages.
  • Improve the user experience of your nopCommerce store with built-in one-page checkout and mini shopping cart.

Flexibility in eCommerce product assortment planning

  • Customize your catalog according to your assortment, market standards and occasions.
  • Integrations with reliable analytics tools, like Power BI and Google Analytics, allow you to adjust categories of your online store to reach the latest users’ needs and market trends.

Your own mobile app and responsive eCommerce website enables clients to purchase anything at any place and time via smartphones.

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Why market leaders choose nopCommerce

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High quality and reliability of nopCommerce have been proven by experience and ten thousands of successful stories: 12 years of experience in the eCommerce market, 60,000+ successful live stores, 150+ partners from 40+ countries.

High scalability, safety, and performance have been achieved by using the latest Microsoft technologies, well-known architectural patterns and the best security practices.

The open-source code and pluggable architecture of nopCommerce will ensure 100% fulfillment of any business requirements for the eCommerce website.

nopCommerce has powerful integral functionality that covers 99% of business needs of eCommerce store owners.

The cherry on top - you can use all built-in nopCommerce features absolutely free.