Godaddy Upgrade 1.3-1.4

10 years ago
I dug a big hole on this one....

Had to backup rename and create a new database with direct access just to get started..

Started by copying the 1.4 no source files into my store directory. ( I ran this on my local machine and upgraded without indecent)

Started the install process, connected to the server, godaddy couldn't find my db (no direct access)... That's why I jumped through the hoops to create a new db.

Finally got the install to see the new database and give me the connections to the config file.

Some where between re-writing the config file and the installation, I know get an unknown ASP error.

Backed up, cleared the config, FTp'd the 1.04 back into the directory to start the install process again.

Once I ge to the db, it tells me 1.4 is intalled and ASp errors as I move forward.

The site does not have SSL set up yet, (is that the problem?). I had no intention on using manual CC entry

I'm currently dead in the water on this one...

Perhaps I'll restore the db and start from scratch again..  In the meantime if anyone has an answer I'd like to hear it.
10 years ago
Got it... finally.
restored the old database and went through the motions again...

Had to use Godaddys secret server address to complete the upgrade.   got that from customer support...

One note.  Any old text requirements are now gone....

The upgrade does not re-write/convert your original text prompts for the the product as a text attribute.
Worth the upgrade though, I'll have to re-add the text attributes but that's OK in my case.  I was requiring the customer to enter two separate pieces of data into one line, now I can break them up like they should be.

Also looks like they fixed the "order of attributes" to order of cart issue... They now match, even if you make changes to the order...

Side note, was able to get into the admin under Godaddys hosting without the use of an SSL certificate on the site.

So Far so good....

Bottom line to upgrade (my method)..
Disclaimer: This worked for me, I'm not a wizard so enter AT YOUR OWN RISK....

a) Have a direct access database.  I installed the application(1.3) from Godaddy and the db created was not set up as direct access.

b) Get Godaddy's long server address (customer support)

c) Use 1.4 no source  (open the files locally and FTP to your nopcommerce directory.

d) Go to install.aspx and fill in the blanks, and occasionally a "Next" is also required.

Disclaimer: This worked for me, I'm not a wizard so enter AT YOUR OWN RISK....

Let's face it, it all just a bunch of one's and zero's running around....  :-)