Plug-in for external authentication via social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn,, Yandex,

4 years ago

why it allow log in to existing nopcommerce account using any social network account matching email? Why it is doesnt match sign in method also and require to log in uthing original method?

I think it is a security issue.
4 years ago
You wrote about situation.
Hacker has login and password from customer's email or customer's social network(Facebook, Paypal, etc. ).
Hacker will not try to press button "Login using Facebook". He will try to recovery password using email.
Using customer's email and password hacker can get access to all customers information.

Our plugin make LogIn for customers more comfortable. Try it.
4 years ago
i am new in nopcommerce. i install plugin for external authentication via social network. but my functionality are little bit change according to as per customer demand i need sign up and login feature separate separate but this plugin give this functionality in one button.any idea how it is possible. are this plugin customize according to my needs. sorry for my bad English.
4 years ago
Describe me what you want on our forum.
3 years ago
hi guys,
sign is working fine BUT if a user is already registered with their email and they try to sign up again with social media which uses the same email than there is no error that the user already exists
same is the case if a user has same email signed up for instagram, facebook and google than they should get an error if they already have signed up using one method previously
3 years ago
This plugin allows customer to use one nopCommere account using external accounts(Facebook, Google, Paypal, etc.). I answered you in topic on my forum.
3 years ago
Version 1.23 - April 20, 2016

+ Added support Pinterest.
3 years ago
Added support Github
Added support Facebook Account Kit (Email code+SMS) (generate virtual e-mail address for phone number)
3 years ago
Added support version 3.80.
2 years ago
Added support version 3.90.