Landing Pages

6 years ago
Did my first NopCommerce launch

In our first advertisement we got a very good response.  The issue is that I need a landing page where I can collect emails before they get to my home page.  It cannot be a topic as I want the landing page to take up the whole screen and not have any menu or Nop like UI navigation.

Now, I was planning to implement this as a plugin widget.  Is this the right approach?  Is there an alternative way of creating a web page that users come to from ads that has a contact form on it.  The contact form would update the customer table.

Any thoughts on the best way to proceed?
5 years ago
I do have the same issue!

Did you have any solution in the meantime
5 years ago
I think having the plug-in is the best, if not the only, option. Because I've realized that even if you manage to set up a custom landing page, if you upgrade your nopCommerce, it will be gone and you'll have to add the page again, which will be very time consuming. So I'd say, having plug-in is easier and more convenient.
5 years ago
I have found this instructions to add a new page: you cand find them at: