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5 years ago
marcwagener wrote:

Right now I am more interested in connecting NOP with a sophiscated backend system like Openerp for better stock management and finance. how do you guys manage your stocks?


OpenERP connector for nopCommerce:
I'm still interested to develop or to start a virtual-team for a nopcommerce connector. I'm working on a Magento-site with full sync. against my OE7. I have two other nopcommerce sites with this requirements.

I personally am not so familiar with OE and Python. That's why I would be very interested in your results if you would like to sell it when it's done.
3 years ago
Hi Frank a.o.,

any news here?

Would it make sense to (re)open this or another thread or a forum inside or outside nopcommerce for the peculiarities in Germany - preferably before the coming nopc 3-80?

- german Law: PangV, customer-data on german server, ?lawyer warning? (ger: anwaltliche Abmahnung), tax office laws, etc. etc. etc.

- Get third-parties on nopcommerce "board": Legally compliant shop conditions, cancellation etc. (ger: AGB, Widerruf, Datenschutz, etc.) by and/or
German shipping (inkl. Paketstation) and payment, etc.

- Feedback on the other/inexpensive hosting situation in Germany - and therefore more emphasis on installing/operating on a server instead on a hosted space

- to be continued

Language german or english?