nopCommerce and PayPal Pro Plugin italian version.

6 years ago
Good morning,

I would know if were developed Plugins for Paypal Pro that it operate in Italy.

According to the paypal website, Paypal direct only works for UK, US & CANADA.In Italy doesn't work.

This plugin is in beta version and it's stop at 2013 August.

Problems encountered:
- In Italy converts the value with the "," instead that with the "." (€ 10,55 instead of  € 10.55).
- When Paypal is call for create the button,doesn't control if the errors come back to Paypal. The error is generic any problem is occured.Also for example the wrong password.

Problems encountered and not corrected:
- After the payment on the return gives back an error of "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."In Nop.Plugin.Payments.PayPalHosted.Service.PayPalHostedService.HandlePayment(Dictionary`2 values) +1366.
5 years ago
Come hai risolto il problema? Devo attivare PAYPAL PRO, ma ho il dubbio che non funzioni bene
5 years ago
Ho modificato il plugin ma è stato un delirio, si tratta di un prodotto abbandonato a metà strada. Se trovi di meglio USALO, se devi usare questo scrivimi!
5 years ago
Io sono alla versione 3.3 ma non ho trovato nulla relativamente Paypal Hosted.
Ho controllato anche se nelle versioni successive ma nessuno ne parla...boh strano che nessuno lo usi...
Vedo che molti all'estero usano PAYPAL DIRECT ma dal tuo commento in Italia non funziona.
4 years ago
Hi Aladino,

I'm also trying to update the plugin for version 3.5 of Nopcommerce, and i had exactly the same problems.

How did you solve the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error?

I found the reason of the error, basically PayPal does not return the data passed in the request; the plugin try to read a value "custom", where in the request the Order Id is stored. this operation returns null, and the exceptionis raised.

Can you please help?

4 years ago
I not remember...

If you want, I can provide my sources... :)
4 years ago
Io sto usando questo alla versione 3.5 ed è perfettamente funzionante: