Multiple Sitemap XMLs

5 years ago

I would like to see multiple dynamic sitemap.xml files being generated. Currently all products, categories, topics etc are put into the one location. Although sitemap files can contain up to 50,000 urls, some people have more than 50,000 urls, but in most cases it better to provide more granularity. By creating multiple sitemaps, google webmaster will provide a better breakdown of sitemaps submitted and you can analyse any poor performing urls (duplicate content etc). Also it's much less load on the server to output smaller files.

Example, split products into separate dynamic files with a limit to the number of urls in the file (products 0-1000) (products 1001-2000)
... (categories 1001-2000)

etc etc

5 years ago
Hi Craig,

Thanks a lot for suggestion. Please  vote for this work item here
3 years ago
Has this ever been implemented? We are using nop 37 but we have reached the 50,000 url limit as well. Anybody know how we can implement a sitemap index file within nopcommerce to split the file into multiple index files?

2 years ago
We have implemented this feature. You can see changes in this commit.
3 months ago
you can use this plugin
3 months ago
you can use this plugin