Discount calulation on Orveridden prices

5 years ago

I’m working on a nopCOmmerce integration plugin for Microsoft Dynamics C5 and I really appreciate to work with the well-structured and super designed codebase in nopCommerce. Until now there has not been many problems with the integration and I have managed to get automatically import jobs for customers, products, orders and customer discounts running with no big problems.
At the moment I’m testing the discounts and price service in nopCommece and I have some problems to get nopCommerce to calculate discounts for overridden prices on ProductAttribute combinations. On some of the products, there is a need to use the overridden price, if the XL price is higher then the XS price. When testing I noticed that the discount is not calculated at all on these prices. Is there any way to get the discount calculation to work with these prices also?
4 years ago
I have the same issue, our store has a few thousand products and most are attribute combinations, many of which have an override price but the discount is never applied to these, Is this a bug or intended functionality. I appreciate there is the option to use product groups instead but a lot of work has gone into the integration as is. Is there a discount plugin that will allow overriden prices to be discounted?
1 month ago
Anyone know how to solve this?
1 month ago
If someone came up with this, if you applied this changes, you will solve the problem