Allow pictures or files in forum

5 years ago
I would like to file a request for uploading images to the nopcommerce forum. that way I can easily share Visio class models which I so painstakenly have analysed from the existing nopC code base.
5 years ago

Thanks a lot for suggestion! Please note that you already can share pictures but they should be uploaded to some other site (you can only specify URL here)
5 years ago
Hi actOpus,

This will be really good if we can directly upload images on nopCommerce forum.

I'd given the same suggestion in past.

However there is option to link image path in current nopcommerce forum. But we need to store those images somewhere else.

It will be the best if we can directly upload images on nopcommerce.
We can request NopCommerce forum team to add this facility on nopcommerce forum.

Thank You!
4 years ago

I agree with this post.  We should have a more advanced/functional forum.

4 years ago
I agreed so, the forum here and in the nopCommerce software should be improved as well, with more search functions and more features when posting topics etc.
4 years ago
Is there a way to add  [img] BB code support for Nop 3.5 and up? Or has that only been introduced for 3.6?