Forum search does not work...

4 years ago

Searching the forum just does not seem to work properly.

As an example, I tried searching "All Forums" for "localhost images" to troubleshoot a problem, no results were found. Yet, this thread exists about my exact problem. With a title like "Homepage images randomly referencing localhost on a live server", I really expected it to come up as both search terms are in the title.

Searching for "localhost" or "images" yield results, but too many to be useful. Searching for the exact title also works, but that not the point of a search tool.

Can this be fixed?


4 years ago

Thanks a lot. This is a known limitation of "exact match". Please let quote Eduardo:

If when doing advanced search you cannot find what you need, then try a Google search focused into nopCommerce site: [your search words]
4 years ago
Thanks for the information.

Might I suggest changing this welcome text to include that information:

We welcome new questions and discussion, but please make sure to do a quick search first to make sure your topic hasn't already been addressed. Remember that this discussion board is your place, so treat it and other community members with respect.

It would be helpful.
4 years ago
Thanks a lot for suggestion. I've just created a work item for this task