Shopping Cart is not updated correctly after authentication

4 years ago

I have notice a very strange Shopping Cart behavior where it is not being correctly updated after user has been authenticated.

Steps to reproduce:
1.  Login as a user and add products to cart
2.  Navigate to the site as anonymous user in a different browser and add products to the cart
        a.  Proceed to checkout and login as the same user as in step 1

Current behavior:  you will see that shopping cart now contains products from both sessions
However, the correct behavior will be for the shopping cart to only contain items from step 2 and items from step 1 should be removed.

Has anyone seen this behavior and know how to fix it.
Thank you,
4 years ago

I don't want to sound rude but this is the behavior I would expect.  This is how it also works on shopping carts like Amazon.

Sorry I don't have any work arounds for you.  I would find it frustrating if I logged in and items I'd previously added to the cart had been removed.

4 years ago
yes its correct behaviour and there is not any issue with current behaviour.

Because it add the item into cart for same logged in customer and this is how it should work.
4 years ago
Hi Matthew and Vipul, thank you for your feedback.

On Amazon when a user click's “Proceed to Checkout” and logs in, the checkout process would only checkout currently added items into the shopping cart and would not include items from previous session.
4 years ago
I Agree may be on amazon it working like this but on nop it merge all the session shopping cart item when user logged in.