Extensions and themes - Category(Themes and templates) bug

3 years ago
Hi, nopCommerce Team,

We found a small issue on Extensions and themes page.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Extensions and themes page
2. Open the second page and find Unify Theme (Dev-Partner.biz)
3. Apply Category filter="Templates&Themes"
4. Open the third page and find Unify Theme (Dev-Partner.biz)

Expected result:
Unify Theme (Dev-Partner.biz) will be shown on the first page because of applying filter.

Current result:
Unify Theme (Dev-Partner.biz) is shown on the third page.
3 years ago
Hi Konstantin,

Thanks. But it's by design.

The main page orders plugins and themes by creation date.

When you filter by version or category we use "Display order" (position).

In most cases they are the same. But very often manually re-order plugins or themes on "version" or "category" pages and pop up the most popular and demanded extensions.
3 years ago
Hi Andrei,

Thank you for the quick response.
I hope you will be able to change the display order of our Unify theme soon :)