Newsletter Subscription (Discount Coupon, etc.)

2 years ago
Newsletter Subscription popup window with Discount Coupon and Reward Points.

Newsletter Popup plugin helps you in achieving more subscribers for your newsletter system by a newsletter popup form.
Plugin has a lot of settings. Try it free.

Key Features.
Popup window for Home page or for all pages
Display the popup after X seconds
Customization of any messages
Anti-fraud protection

Compatible for NopCommerce 3.90 and never.

How to install and configure the plug-in.

Link to our site

2 years ago
Added support nop 4.00.
1 year ago
Added support nop 4.10.
11 months ago
There is a way to activate newsletter subscription directly and so to receive coupon directly without subscription approving ? In this manner user receive coupon code directly and is more encouraged to purchase product.
11 months ago
Because customer can use email of his boss.

Customer use wrong email for he got coupon code at once.
7 months ago
Added support nop 4.20.