Hi All,

Has anyone run into this scenario and attempted any solution.

My situation is this - We are configured with simple product, selling shoes. Product has only 1 product attribute 'size' and we have approx 8 - 10 combinations / variants (sizes) per product.

We create a google merchant product catalogue, and a facebook catalog, where it is recommended to pass all variants as individual records, with a UNIQUE ID, and also pass a group_id value so google/fb can logically group the variants.

In terms of data, each variant has a unique sku, for example <productSKU>-<Size>  = ProdABC-US7. We pass this unique identifier as the ID to google/fb. The Price and importantly in-stock/out-of-stock indicator is also passed.

Now I run into an issue. and there are 2 challenges as I see it:

1) The tracking plugin I am working with will support ID, SKU, MPN or GTIN at the Product level but not the Product Attribute combination level.

2) Should pixel tracking work at attribute combo level - My link back from google/fb shopping can only land at the Product page  with the 'first/default' attribute combination selected. So if a FB customer clicks to buy a 'SHOE123 in size 6 that is in stock', they might land on the product page with Size 4 (first/default pre-selected and pixel would potentially track that.

Am I over-complicating this? and the answer is to NOT place all variants (sizes) on the Google/facebook advertising, and simply list/ track activity at the parent-product level? The shortcomings as I see it, is I would not be able to guarantee a click-through for an in-stock SIZE, but more generally 'Some sizes are in stock/get lucky' approach. I would also not be able to gather marketing metrics on populate sizes etc.

And thoughts gratefully received!